double sink drain

  1. Mark1400

    Double kitchen sink clogging issue

    The attached picture shows how my double kitchen sink is plumbed. The left sink is only used for drying dishes, with only an occasional cleaning/rinsing of the sink. The garbage disposal on the right is used sparingly - plates are scrapped before a quick rinse so only minimal small food scraps...
  2. Christina.

    Kitchen double sink drain options...

    We're going to redo our kitchen's double sink drain that's crumbling away as we speak – looooong overdue. Just a normal double sink with dishwasher, no garbage disposal. Looking at our options & came across this article To a...
  3. Stevevaiamd2006

    Is this wrong or right way to run a drain?

    Hello, I installed a double sink vanity in my bathroom, but the drain pipe is in the middle. Over the weekend I ran the PVC pipe. I inserted an image of the drain. Can I use a P-trap on both sinks like this? What should I correct? How do I fix this? Thanks!
  4. John McC

    Double sink drain piping

    Hello, I am doing a full remodel of my bathroom (down to the studs) and will be replacing the existing single-sink vanity with a double vanity. I am proposing to pipe the drain as shown in the attached image but I am not sure about how to properly vent it. I've been searching for similar...
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