concrete slab

  1. BathInOhio

    1/2 to 3/4 Bathroom Venting

    Ohio--IPC Existing half bath on slab, planning to add shower and move toilet. I would like to expand my lower bathroom. It is a split-level home with a lower level (bathroom location) and a full basement (mainline location). I have attached a few drawings and would like to make sure the WC...
  2. Vandalay1125

    Shower Curb Issue on Concrete Slab

    Home is in FL on a concrete slab. Removed existing ceramic tile including a marble curb cover going into the shower. The concrete slab drops down into the shower pan - in other words the shower pan is below the level of the rest of the concrete slab in the house. The concrete along the edge of...
  3. CMiller0104

    Wood Subfloor over Concrete Slab under Kerdi Shower Tray

    I'm hoping someone out there can help me. We've been trying to get our shower remodel underway, and we've been dealing with delay after delay. And, we're on a short timeline, since we're expecting twins in October. I'd really like to have the shower usable by then. :/ We've installed Kerdi...
  4. J Fairman

    Plumbing into open drain

    As a new homeowner and DIY'er, thank you to Terry and everyone who contributes to this website. I have found a lot of great information on this site. Now to my issue. I have a slab ranch with an open drain (4.25" opening) in my laundry room. The former owner had a utility sink over the drain...
  5. NYCpro

    How to backfill plumbing project in above grade concrete slab?

    Additional plumbing (all cast iron) was installed in above grade concrete slab. The trench is about 5" deep and 12"x14" (see pic). The slab itself is about 8" thick reinforced concrete. Can I just re-pour concrete over it or should we backfill the space around the pipes with something first...
  6. tpcolson

    Can PVC be encased horizontally in concrete

    Have an unfortunate "this is the only way this is going to work" situation with a DMV repair, resulting in the repair portion of the drain pipe, having to run 4 feet horizontally (yes, at the correct slope of 1/4"/ft) before turning up into the main vent stack...mostly above the gravel sub-grade...
  7. Sn8

    prestubbed shower drain in basement

    Hello, My basement is already stubbed for a bathroom. the pipes are connected to my main sewer drain. My question is in regards to my shower drain pipe. I need to build up the shower pan bed but need to prep the drain first. What are my options here? the builder filled in the gaps around...
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