1. honeypot

    Keen for help for quadrant fitting (shower)

    Hi friends, I hired tiler/carpenter who's fitting a bathroom into an upstairs bedroom which will connect with down stair combi-boiler for hot and cold, its a Flexicom 30 boiler. Now I have identified the hot outlet alongside cold feed and want to put a 15mm copper tee in both, then run this up...
  2. sakle2k

    Trying to determine the best boiler replacement

    Hello all, I've been reading this forum quite a bit in the past week and have realized how important it is to have a knowledgeable person installing your boiler. I'm hoping to get a better understanding of what my needs are so I don't make a mistake. I have an old Weil-Mclain boiler that I'd...

    Navien NHB-110 - Error E302 - Low Pressure Water - Help

    My Navien was installed 1.5 years ago and from the start, it had an issue with low-pressure water in the winter. The installer came to fix and it worked fine in the summer, however, in the winter boiler start showing error code E302 two or three times a week. My boiler provides heat to TWO...
  4. Michael Maphis

    Monoflo Radiator System

    Hello All, Im a newcomer here and a new home owner I have just completed a complete new full bathroom install in a single level ranch home from bare concrete in a basement (pic attached)and I am looking to convert some of the remaining space in the basement space to a media/family room. the...
  5. HankR

    Navien Combination Hot Water Heater / Boiler

    Hello, We are looking to replace our natural gas; 40-gallon power-vent hot water heater (currently dead) and hot water boiler with a combination tankless unit. We are looking to create some additional space by going this route. It would be in a mud room on the first floor. We live just...
  6. Jessica857

    Navien Combi System NCB-210E - Temperature Issue

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and hopefully someone will be able to help me. I recently bought a new house that was converted to gas. A new Navien combi boiler was put in to replace the old furnace. I've moved in for 3 weeks, everything was fine until this past week when the temperature dropped. I...
  7. carriagehousereno

    Navien NCB 240 extreme cold water sandwhich frequent pressure purges

    Hey all, So let me describe my problem first and then I'll describe the specifics of my installation. The Problem: Over the past 2 weeks we have began experiencing the cold water sandwich for the first time since installation. It doesn't"t happen consistently, but when it does we often go from...
  8. Adam Farrow

    Radiant floor with tankless Combi boiler on wood stove

    Before I start calling plumbers I want to know if this is possible and what I need to see if I'm choosing the correct installer. I want a radiant floor heat powered by a wood stove and tankless combiboiler when wood fire dies I want the tankless to pick up the demand. The tankless will be used...
  9. Teresa G

    Help Calibrating a Navien NCB 210E - It has efficiency problems

    Hi all, I was sold a Navien NCB 210E combi boiler in August with the golden promises of its efficiency and effectiveness. The background: It was officially operational Sept 1. Since then, it has failed to keep up with the heat demand when the temperature hit -10C and the propane consumption has...
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