cloudy water

  1. Frieda

    Fleck 5800sxt Cloudy water

    Hello Everyone, With the help of this forum and the immense knowledge gained, I was able to buy a water softener and install it myself! I am getting cloudy water 4/10 times I fill a glass of water. I assume this is still safe to drink as its just salt leaking into the water. I am trying to...
  2. Spacoli

    Old well questions

    I bought a cabin that had a buried wellhead. The cabin and well have set dormant for over 10 years. The well sits next to a river (75'-100' from the river bank). It's a two-line system and it will only pressure up to 25-30 lbs and of course, the pump won't shut off. I'm thinking of a clogged...
  3. pecdx

    Low water pressure upstairs

    Hi I'm having issues with a sudden water pressure change in my two upstairs bathrooms of my condo. The water pressure is noticeably lower in both the sinks and showers of bathrooms A & B, though the water is hot in all areas except the shower in bathroom B, where the water is only warmish. The...
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