1. Althea Later

    pH problems

    We recently installed a new Kinetico 2060s tannin plus. Our pH has gone from 7.0 (raw water)to 6.3 after treatment that was causing copper leaching to the pipes. Our water person refreshed the neutralizer with calcite. I’m now getting pH=9.5! I have backwashed the vessel multiple times, still...
  2. RayN

    Are Calcite Filters Beneficial in a RO System?

    I have a 4 stage RO system and its time to replace the filters, a friend of mine recommended to add Omnipure 2" x 10" Inline Calcite Filter (K2548) after the RO membrane (GRO-75EN) but before Omnipure K2540-KK. The friend swears that water will taste better and will be more healthy. My RO...
  3. SShaw

    Looking for inputs on water treatment recommendation

    I’d like to get some independent input on a water treatment recommendation. I have a shallow well with pure water and low pH. The water is corrosive to copper piping. I recently installed a geothermal heat pump with a desuperheater to make hot water. The desuperheater has a copper heat...
  4. Bogus919

    Calcite backwashing during regeneration.

    Hello all, thanks for reading... this is my first post. I am an avid DIYer and can fix almost everything, I recently moved into a new area and for the first time I have a well and a water softener filtration system. I have a pretty intricate system with 5 total tanks... one for neutralizing...
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