blocked drain

  1. yeeew87

    Bathroom Sink Won't Drain

    We have only been living in this house a few months but have began to notice our bathroom sink won't drain (water sits in the sink and drains very very slowly). I have taken the trap off, it wasn't blocked but gave it a clean anyway. Still the same issue, all other drains in the house seem to...
  2. VictoriaK

    Cat litter blocking drain - advice please.

    Hoping someone can advise me as to how to clear my shower drain. The previous owners used to put a cats litter tray in the downstairs shower cubicle - it is completely blocked with cat litter and is starting to cause a funky smell. It is blocked right to the top, and I have no clue as to where...
  3. chrisvo

    Blocked Drain Help

    Hi! I've recently moved into a new apartment and I've noticed over the last few months that the drains in my bathroom are all blocked up. I tried to flush them out with vinegar and baking soda, but it's now reached the point that the drains will overflow each time I try to fill the bathtub...
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