bathroom dilemma

  1. M

    Bathroom issue?

    Hi, I did some drywall fixing in my closet and found this. It is the backside to my shower. What is this and is it concerning? It is at the floor. It is not wet. Do I need to remove the whole shower? Thanks
  2. C

    Tub spout on opposite wall as valve

    I know this has been touched on before but I’m doing a Reno and for reasons not worth going into the spout/diverter must be on the opposite side of the tub as the valve/shower head. I understand the issues but my question is this: can I add more pipe length to the mix line going from the valve...
  3. esjr

    New Bathroom Sink Draining Issue

    Hello, My issue is I have recently installed a new bathroom faucet and matching drain. When I turn on the faucet the water eventually backs up the drain and fills the basin. The sink is equipped with an overflow drain. When I installed the new drain I cut the side hole (on the new drain...
  4. Christian Hedger

    New acrylic tub squeaking and creaking!

    Hello, our contractor just installed new acrylic tubs. I stepped into it for the first time and it squeaks and creaks. I thought this seemed odd. Since the bathroom is next to the an unfinished basement I can look under the tub. When I looked I could see the tub is floating about an inch or two...
  5. Candace

    Need advice- shower leaking outside of tub

    Hello, need some advice on how to look for the source of a leak around our bathtub. We have a tub/shower with surround walls. There is a small section of drywall on either side of the bathtub and the drywall on the same side as the shower head and nozzles has water damage. We at first thought it...
  6. Bianca Rio

    Is it okay to install Bathroom TV near my tub?

    How safe it is to install an ocea bathroom tv near my tub? Will it depend on the installation option and wiring?
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