Recirc Pump with Tempering Valve

    A customer has a large house and it takes a long time to deliver hot water to the farthest fixture in the house. In the past I have successfully installed the Watts (or Grundfros) Recirc pump system at the water heater. However we also want to install a mixing valve/tempering valve at the water...
  2. Tangent

    Best High setting on boiler aquastat

    My boiler Aquastat is set to a High Temp limit of 180 F. Some folks say you get better efficiency by running at a slightly higher temp, like 190 F. What does your experience tell you? ___ "Generally a heating boiler is more efficient if...
  3. cs2kplus

    Relay switch on control board unreliable

    Ok. I posted recently as "unknown problem". Now I know. The relay switch on aquastat controller is unreliable. Picture included shows it as grey cover with spring hinge that says honey well. If you tap it then boiler will kick on. My question is, can this be fixed as opposed to replacing entire...
  4. BostonDan

    Boiler Aquastat & Switching Relay Upgrade???

    Hi - I was wondering if my old boiler can be modified to be more energy efficient by swapping out the Aquastat and Switching Relays with 'smarter' units. Currently my system is an old Utica PGB150A Boiler that is controlled by a HoneyWell Aquastat type L8148J (*Zone 1*) paired with two...
  5. Scott McNab

    Boiler Circulator Pump Aquastat

    Hi I recently had an L6006C aquastat installed to control the circulation pump for my Biasi cast iron conventional boiler (propane). What would be the best setting for the circ pump to come on and the correct differential? Want boiler protection to prevent condensate but don't want to waste...
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