acid neutralizer

  1. Skyyy

    Acid Neutralizer recommendations?

    I recently have been having issues with acidic water eating all the pex brass fittings in my house and just yesterday it murdered my 20+ yr old well pump and 23yr old water heater simultaneously. The pH is 5.5 but was tested a year ago at 6.8 by a external water lab. My well guy said it can...
  2. Beckadawn

    Help With Water Softening System/Filter Set-up

    I am set to close on a house the end of this month but the well water is creating a bit of a problem and I'm trying to figure out how much it will cost and how to remedy it. I'm also interested in brand suggestions. TDS: 850ppm Hardness: 31 gpg Iron: .8 ppm Manganese: 0 pH: 5.6...
  3. Chad_H

    Filters and Neutralizers and Softeners Oh My.... (putting new system in place)

    Ok, I've been trying to decide how to best tackle this treatment system I'm putting together. For the most part, our water quality is relatively good. Right now my biggest concerns are the nitrate and pH levels. We do also get small black flake of what I initially thought was chips of shale...
  4. Leonard Bayard

    Short acid neutralizer life

    I have a Navien NHB-150 boiler and have been going through neutralizer at a fairly fast clip. My plumber installed a Saniflo sanicondens and it used up the round granules in about two weeks. I switched the granules to the Rinnai rocks (about 2lbs) and that only lasted just over a month. The ph...
  5. sarnone

    Where Is The Air in My Pipes Coming From!?

    It appears that I have quite the plumbing conundrum on our hands! My wife and I recently moved into a new house (year and half ago) and since, we've slowly been updating our plumbing system. We're on a well system that includes an acid neutralizer, water softener and a whole house filter. In...
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