How it works Sewer smell from washing machine

LG lint trap stainer

  1. pumpkinkat
    Before anyone ditches their washing machine, take the time to look at the lint trap strainer if you have one. My LG washer has a door located on the front, bottom left. Watch some of the you tube videos on how to open door to remove the strainer and empty hose.

    I decided as a last ditch effort to find were the sewer smell was emitted from. Surprise, I had found the issue. The strainer had a gooey substance on it and unleashed the foul smell. The hole in which the strainer resides also had bacteria growing on it. In addition the curved hole leading back into the washer was covered in bateria. I cleaned everything with bleach and water. Scrubbed with toothbrush and Qtips. I made a bendable swab with some electrical wire with one end wrapped with cotton rag. Which I taped around the wire. (It's what I had at the time). I pushed it in as far in as possible, rubbing back and forth to try and get as much bacteria out as possible.

    The LG instructions state to clean the strainer once a month. I had not ever done so. Thus after many years..... the result was STINK.

Recent Reviews

  1. Dogs_rule
    Different brand and model but same thing. The filter was a smelly dirty state of affairs. Wish they still made access doors as mine was accessed under the machine and parts had to be removed to access the filter But total sewer stink! I did pay a plumber but cheaper than a new machine!
  2. brocker
    We thought it was coming from our sink drain... going to have to check this out as we have this same issue.