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    Seeking Recommendation for a softener

    I think tank exchange is a huge rip off, especially if you have any mechanical skills at all. Might be ok for a little old lady in a wheelchair or someone with more money than common sense though.
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    Seeking Recommendation for a softener

    Be careful of oversizing, overly long peroids between regenerations are not particularly good for the resin and can lead to channeling of the bed. If you size out at 48 then go with 48. Most residential equipment will have a 1" valve head on it which should be fine.
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    Cold water suddenly brown

    You probably drew the well down pretty far and that tends to dislodge all that rust on the case. Wait a couple days and see if it clears up
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    Seeking Recommendation for a softener

    Find another thread here with Gary Slussers name and click on his link. It does a pretty good job of explaining how to size your unit. Unfortunately you probably can't get a Clack WS1 online anymore but if you can, you should. Whatever you do though look into a demand metered valve.
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    Water well pump questions.

    Zone 6 not well 6, he was referring to sprinkler zones
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    Water well pump questions.

    That's a pretty good strategy. Just hang around and keep an eye on things for awhile if it does indeed pump again.
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    water softener tank

    The ENPRESS Vortech™ and Mid-Vortech™ distribution technologies are revolutionizing the water treatment industry. The design creates fluidity of the media bed and extends contaminant removal capacity; which means less regenerations and significant reduction of water use…saving water, salt and...
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    Water well pump questions.

    Let's get back on track here. A restriction in the discharge line is going to cause the pump to possibly short cycle and I say possibly instead of likely because if you crack your kitchen faucet open the pump will not normally short cycle so though you probably do have a zone that is plugged...
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    water softener tank

    The vortex will give you slightly better resin efficiency but, for all the reasons others have listed above I would go with a gravel underbed.
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    Wiring a pulsafeeder chemical solution pump

    Wire it right into the pressure switch
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    softner or filter needed?

    A properly sized softener should do the trick. Have your local water fitration company come out and size it for you or you can find a ton of sites online that will give you that information. Water conditions alone are not enough for us to do that here without somee further information.
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    Baseboard Heater Issue

    First off that is a B&G venturi Tee and it is properly installed. The venturi tee works on a reduced pressure principal in that an area of low pressure is created at the ventrui that pulls the water through the convector, and those are convectors, not baseboards. There is a slim chance that...
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    Digital water softener manual regeneration mode?

    I assume the hose is on the drain line? and for some reason you can not run a proper drain at this time?
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    A rare look at wood sewer pipe

    Smiling Bob would be proud. got wood?
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    two zone circulator electrical connections taco to becket afg

    sure it will work. when you turn either thermostat up, both circulators will run. I assume though that that is not your intent so, yes you will need another relay to call the 2nd zone. You can go with a Taco relay or a honeywell 89a or 854 or one of the newer electronci versions. Either way...
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