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Apr 7, 2020 at 2:26 PM
      Hi HJ . . .thank you for the reply earlier . . . . would you have a drawing or diagram - one thing the military did that was bad . . . .we need pictures and visual aids to understand something !!! LOL !!! Thanks you again . . . .
    2. DIYatHome
      Hi HJ,

      I have about 10k in water damage from a Flow-tite valve that occurred when I was out on vacation! Wondering if you ever we able get anything for water damage??

    3. linnert
      Hi HJ

      New member with a question: Am trying to remove toilet bolts from a plastic flange and they won't budge. This flange doesn't have the long slots where you rotate the bolts over to the keyhole slot then remove them. This one has the bolts slid into the sides at 9/3. I've put vice-grips on them and am only able to turn them slightly, and have tapped them with a hammer, but they won't slide out. Am hesitant to start whailing on them with a hammer 'cause I don't want to break the flange and have to rip out a second story subfloor. Any ideas???

      Thanks so much in advance
    4. Berlin
      hj, if you think the toilet is a junk what would you recomend for a dual flush. Thanks.
    5. Jeff97009
      HJ, you posted a message in 2008 about CPVC and recirc lines. You mentioned that you thought it was not recommended by the manufacturer. I to thought it was not recommended but I can no longer find it. Can you help.
      Jeff Gillespie
    6. 69gtocv
    7. bhead
    8. Antone
      Thanks HJ really do appreciate the response. Will go ahead and replace it with a diverter spout. In terms of the trim do you know if I have to use a set that operates the same as the old ball, or would it be possible to use a lever set i.e 1500-1700? Thanks antone
    9. 69gtocv
      when you get a chance, could you look at my last question I posted in the "dwv in log home" thread. Thanks a bunch. Jeff
    10. adthern
    11. fullhousecabinet
      Hello, my name is Mike and I am a general contractor. You replied to a post that I made yesterday about finding shower trims for an American Standard B-200. Any information you could get me would be greatly appreciated. Email is fullhousebackup@aol.com. Thank you.
    12. trojanhorse
      Hello, my name is Tony and I noticed that a gentleman had a problem with a Pegasus shower valve that pertained to the balnce spool. Can you tell me where I can purchase the Balance Spool?
    13. amorel01
      This is from a old post : Flushing will seldom stop the noise because it is often caused by "nodes" that have built up on the center flue pipe. The nodes allow water in, and then the hot flue gases heat it to the point it becomes steam and is forced out of the node where it condenses upon contact with the water and creates a mini-explosion as the excess eneregy is expended <--- I have this problem with my water heater. Do I need to replace it because of this? Thanks Alain M.
    14. steve k
      steve k
      I have a one piece kohler toilet and the seat is loose. When I try to tighten the screw it keeps spining. The same goes for when I try to remove the screw. First what is going on? and since the screws go directly into the toilet how do I get the screws out ? Thanks Steve k.
    15. thri11a
      thank you for the replies on my problems...hopefully i'll be able to work it out soon
    16. hj
      brian, try again
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