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    Pressure Tank Not Draining -Solved-

    I added some air but no way of telling if its filling the bladder or just the space in the tank. I'm cutting the pipe and going to try and drain it. Then it it takes a lot of air to fill it I'll know the bladder is torn.
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    Pressure Tank Not Draining -Solved-

    I live in Central Florida, have a well so hard water and Iron. I also have a system to correct those issues. Every couple months I turn off pump, open valve on pipe coming out of the tall tank and drain off the Iron settlement. This has always also drained the pressure tank on the left. Today...
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    Water leak at base of valve.

    I believe this has just carbon in it. Can I reuse the carbon inside or being its 9 years old go ahead and replace it? How do I know if there is gravel etc in the bottom? Can I get everything I need in a kit? Best place to purchase and get assistance? I know this is a Guardian system, Chlorine...
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    Water leak at base of valve.

    OK took the valve off. Looks like the tank is cracked. From the first pictures you can see the stream is coming out of the white plastic and does not look like its coming from between the white and the black plastic. Here are pictures of the crack. Does everyone agree?
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    Water leak at base of valve.

    It's hard to see but in the night pictures there is a white line sticking out towards the right . That's the stream of water. It's hard to tell with the plastic cover on the tank. I'll have to take it apart.
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    Water leak at base of valve.

    Best I can tell I have a Guardian Performa with a 255 Valve run by a 760 timer. I at first noticed water marks down the outside of the housing. The other night after a power outage the system was running early and when I went to fix the time I saw a pin hole stream of water shooting out from...
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    Logix 740 Timers, Blank Displays

    Hello All, I have two Logix 740 timers, one on the softener and one on the charcoal tank. I found then both without anything displayed on them. The GCFI outlet was tripped and I reset it and it stayed on. I have 12.8v at the transformer and at the plug that goes into the timers. These are...
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    Help with Delta 600 valve replacement

    Yes I twisted too hard and broke the tubes. I have a new valve and trim kit. The house was re piped about 3 years back using PEX with the crimp ringings. The old valve has copper top and bottom and PEX on the inlets. I want to use Sharkbites to make the repair. Look at the pictures and tell me...
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    Condensation line issue

    Hello, I have owned an upstairs condo in central Florida since 2005. Over there years I have had a few times in which the condensation line has leaked and caused damage to the lower unit. Stopped up lines, found the PVC had not been glued at 2 joints also. The line was vacuumed just over 2...
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