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    I was reading up on a RO thread and you may have suggested a few good turn key residential RO systems to a fellow member. I was wondering if the brand aquapurion 5050p from us water systems is a safe unit. I don't want any leaks to occur down the road. Any suggestions? Thanks. Dan.
    After reading 100's of post your numbers are what i trust. I have not found any that exactly match my needs though. what do you recommend for a 7000sxt 1.25cf resin 40k softener for 4 people and a hardness of 25 with no iron. Here is what i came up with. Let me know if you can help
    4 DF set to GAL
    5 VT set to dF2b
    6 CT set to Fd
    7 C set to 30
    8 H set to 25
    9 RS set to SF
    10 sf set to 15
    11 DO set to 14
    12 RT set to 2am
    13 B1 set to 10
    14 BD set to 60
    15 B2 set to 5
    16 RR set to 5
    17 BF set to 20 for .25 BLFC
    18 FM set to tl.2

    Im looking for a water softener for my home. I have a family of four below are stats from the water district that services us. What do you recommend?
    Are you in the LA area?

    Alkalinity as CaCO3 (ppm) 210
    Calcium (ppm) 77
    Magnesium (ppm) 18
    Potassium (ppm) ND
    pH 7.8
    Radon (pCi/L) 271
    Sodium (ppm) 50
    Total Hardness as CaCO3 (ppm) 246
    Total Hardness as Grains Per Gallon (gpg) 14.5
    Thanks for the reply. I assume from your comment about the Chemilizer being a fully self proportioning base on flow unit that I can install it after my pressure tank. Just curious - I also just read from http://4pureh2o.com/ who claim to have come up with the 400 pellet feeder that it should be installed after the pressure tank; is that because the dosage shot comes out proportional to pressure? The two good things about them is less floor space taken because there is no chlorine tank to adjust & maintain and they are very simple devices- easy to repair/maintain. As you can see I am having a difficult time deciding. I just want the one that is the most reliable and causes the least grief. Thanks Terry.
    Thw WQA is in Indianapolis in early April. We will ahve a large island there in the back near one of the aqua stages. We supply the majority of the companies that attend the show, but it is still important we attend to visit with many of the people that show there. go to www.wqa.org for full details. The chemilizer pmp is very simple and is fully self proportioning depending on flow rate. It is also very simple, reliable, and cheap. My brother works for a huge company (competitor and customer) and he has the same thoughts. We both like the pellet design, but we also both realize it has technical limitations that are overcome by the superior design of the chemilizer. And since I sell the pellet design system and not the chemilizer, I think I am fairly objective since I am recommending a design that I have no financial interest in.
    You recommended the non electric chlorine pump to take care of my Iron, manganese, & H2S. I think I prefer it to the pellet feeder. Pellets are pretty expensive. Also the chemilizer seems to be a proportional unit so I assume I can place it after my pressure tank and outside hose take off. I would like to avoid chlorinating water going to the outside hoses. Is that correct, can I install it after the pressure tank? Is this unit very loud, it will be in the basement under my kitchen and not too far from my bedroom? Also you mentioned the WQA trade show will be in Indianapolis; do you know the date? Thanks TAM (Terry)
    haha, yeah, the post was ridiculous. Your final post said what I was thinking the entire time. You were the smart one to finally say what needed to be said.
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