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    Double Cyclone (C2) vs. GMax (G+)

    From the Toto web site, it sounds as if GMax is the most powerful flushing system, but most if not all of the toilets on the Toto web site seem to be double cyclone and the web site seems to "push" Double cyclone more than GMax. Is that the new standard?
  2. Birdman

    TOTO Ultramax II, MS604114CEFG toilet reviews & pictures

    Follow up on Gwyneth / Ultramax I am in the process of building a house, and about a year ago, when I thought I was going to be ready to order toilets, it seemed that the Toto Gwynneth (sp?) with sanigloss was the way to go for a good flush one piece high end toilet. It is now about a year...
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    Thermasol steam unit

    Thanx for the input. Based on the measurements, most of the sites seem to suggest a unit that can run about 350 sq feet. For Thermasol, that would be the SSA-395. It is 12 KW and max. amperage of 55 amps. The comparable Mr Steam unit is the MS400E which is 9 KW and 38 amps. I also looked at...
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    Thermasol steam unit

    Not sure If this is the right forumfor this so apologize in advance. I am building a new house and the shower in the master is 5x5 with a 9 foot ceiling and tile on the wall. Based on the calcs on many of the web sites which sugget you upsize one unit, the steam unit generator I should be...
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    Ordering a Toto - Confused on # of Models!!

    Thanx for the replies. In my mind, there are really 2 potential issues with a 1.28gpf rather than a 1.6. (Although they may be misguided). The first issue is whether there is sufficient water for an effective flush and it sounds from this thread as if people generally do not have any issues...
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    Ordering a Toto - Confused on # of Models!!

    I too am in the process of looking for the best flushing Toto I can find. I am in Toronto, Canada and I wonder if some of the "names" are different. I am looking for a 1 piece, elongated with CEFIONTECT and a great flush. There is lots of material on the web and this forum on the Ultrama with...
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    Building a New House - Supply Store Pushes Kohler

    Very helpful, thanx for the comments. I have spent the past couple of hours reading about toilets, checking web sites etc. In our last house we had 2 Eljer elongated toilets (don't recall which ones) and they looked nice but would often require multiple flushes. We also had a number of Toto...
  8. Birdman

    Building a New House - Supply Store Pushes Kohler

    Just discovered this forum and spent a bunch of time reading older posts. We are in the process of building a new home and spent a few hours yesterday at our local plumbing supply store. We were planning on getting Toto toilets but this particular supplier only carries Kohler. He was...
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