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  1. Scottwye
    Scottwye hj
    I have a question about wc connecting to a combo wye & 1/8 bend. I drew up the blue print, but not sure how to upload it.
  2. Pierre Trowsey
    Pierre Trowsey
    Primes Plumbers Chichester, 38 Little London, Chichester, PO19 1PP, 01243 252856
  3. CalBuckeye
    So under my bathroom sink/vanity- there are no shut-off valves! Bathroom was remodeled just 4 yrs ago. Is this to code, in Calif?
  4. CalBuckeye
    "Remodeling projects in my condo as time and money allow". :)
  5. cfootprint
    My boiler comes on but the pump does not start after a few minutes the boiler shuts down
  6. Mr.G
    Dazed and Confused
  7. Mr.G
    Mr.G ditttohead
    Hi Dittohead, I am having a problem with a Kinetico Premier Series Q850 OD XP water softener. It will not regenerate. I tried to manually regenerate it and it doesn't engage when I use a screwdriver. It doesn't click anymore. It just spins and doesn't initiate a cycle. From reading your posts I gather that you have a exploded parts list that would be helpful. Thanks.
  8. TJ.
    Easily Confused
  9. banjo bud
    banjo bud valveman
    So let’s break this down so my engineering mind can understand it. Let’s say I have the 40 gal tank which holds 10 gal of water and I use 1 gallon of water every hour for 10 hours. The pump will run once right? Maybe twice depending the draw down. Now let’s say I have my PK1A setup and use the same water. My pump will cycle 10 times.
    1. valveman
      Jan 6, 2020
  10. banjo bud
    banjo bud valveman
    I’m not sure I understand how, in the following case, a CSV reduces the number of cycles. If I had a 40 gallon pressure tank (maybe 20 gallon water capacity), and I drew water say 5 times at 4 gallons each time, the pump would run once. However, with a CSV and the small PK1A which I have, if I drew water 5 times at 4 gallons each time, the pump would run 5 times.
    1. valveman
      First a 40 gallon tank only holds 10 gallons of water. And yes it is counter intuitive, but the CSV with a small tank will cycle the same number of times per day as a system without a CSV and a much larger tank.
      Jan 6, 2020
    2. valveman
      The difference is the CSV doesn't let the pump cycle for long term uses but does cycle for short uses. Without a CSV it is the other way around, and the more long term uses you have the more cycles the CSV saves.
      Jan 6, 2020
  11. Brian Cowan
    Brian Cowan
    Or is there a better pump that I should consider?
  12. Brian Cowan
    Brian Cowan
    I want to install a submerageable well pump in the lake for house water source. Is the a special concerns that I need to address?
  13. Faye Emordeno
    Faye Emordeno
    I had an apron style soaking tub installed and when I sat in it it drops enough to separate the caulk 1/8-1/4?
  14. Faye Emordeno
  15. MWP
  16. Stevenson stevo stevers
    Stevenson stevo stevers
    I'm new here. Just trying to see how this works.
  17. rgoulet58
    Retired CAF
  18. Ayden
  19. Lindsey59
    How to I post/ask a question?????? Wtf
  20. Nails By Nina
    Nails By Nina
    I'm having issues with the discharge pump button. Can I disconnect the pump so I can use the chair?