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  1. WorthFlorida
    Black Belly Whistling Ducks
  2. Kas
    Kas DonL
    I have a well and I believe the pressure tank is down in the casing. How can the pressure in this type of pressure tank be checked? Do they pull it out to check it? Thanks.
  3. NE_JV
    I have one Case 3000 in use so if you need 3 I could make that happen.
  4. NE_JV
    Wow. I missed this message for 4 years. I have 2 Case 3000's that I would like to sell. One is missing a tank lid. Both are white.
    SIRFREEBIRD cubgirl
    I am having resistance overload issues of some kind, on my direct connection 240 V hot-tub water heater. This is a 110 V /240 V heating element. The red wire gets quite hot all the way up the dpst switch. At one time, it melted the insulator at the heating element. Is this due to a bad wiring at the heating element which I need to s
    More seriously clean or is there more? P.S. there is zero computer control panel.
    Terry I have recreated a quite old hot tub. This unit had no computer panel, therefore, everything is direct connect with individual switches. My question is on the 110 V / 240 V hot ware heating element I am experiencing extreme heat up on the red but not black pole line. Is this do to a to much resistance on the direct connection or what???

    Thank you for your time
  7. ProtectiveMasksDirectLtd
    Protective Masks Direct is one stop shop for all kinds of PPE and safety supply products in the UK
  8. jellyghost
    jellyghost hj
    I am working with a friend that has pre war Crane faucets (Crane-FB1077). I replaced a washer, and it did not fix the faucet. I think the seat needs to be fixed. I found an old post you wrote that said to use the right tool or the faucet will be ruined. Is the right tool an appropriate allen wrench, or do I need to order a pool? How do I find the correct seat to replace my current one?
  9. xmcheshire
  10. pjbMit
    Workin' hard on my well.
  11. Chris Kopp
    Chris Kopp hj
    I have lavatories with grid drain with small holes an no overflow for a specialized application (psychiatric facility). Opening the holes in the drain is not an option. Can we fix the problem by using an AAV?
    1. Chris Kopp
      Chris Kopp

      You wrote in 2008 to another poster: You are being air-locked by the bubble between the trap and the strainer. The openings in the strainer are not large enough for the air to escape AND let the water drain down at the same time. It is compounded by the strainer being flat so that there are no pressure differentials created. A domed strainer or larger holes will cure the problem.
      Aug 20, 2019
  12. Ed from chicago
  13. Andy
  14. ChrisBetty
    ChrisBetty hj
    I just changed my water filter and now I have VERY low water pressure. I have been doing this every 6 months for years and have never had this problem. Please help!
  15. ManAbout
    ManAbout Nothandy44
    You were 100% correct about the Toto design. It's pretty awful for replacing toilet seats. The rubber insert is unnecessary, for anyone installing a new one. It has TWO bulbous parts. I just pulled, tore the seat clear off like a maniac.. and worked it out.. like some of those ben-wa balls you see on porn-sites. At least, that's what I hear..
  16. ManAbout
    Doing things around the house.
  17. mssonline2019
    hello dear all i am nishan singh and i am from india. today i joined this forum for the social work.
  18. Bob
    It was the flush valve seal that developed bubbles in the ring seal. Found Home Depot's Glacier Bay seal fits perfectly. Fluidmaster #835GB.
  19. Bob
    Homeowner frustrated with a leaky Sam's Club Alexis toilet.
  20. Grunt
    Grunt ditttohead
    You said to send you a pm