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  1. janders5006
    janders5006 schmeckp
    I'm in SE Wisconsin and just received my 5810SXT purchased from A Plus Water.

    Wondering what other places were recommended to you.

    Paid $859 for an 80k grain unit with 18x40 brine tank.

    Also ordered Falcon hoses from Aquatell. Was one of the only places I could find them in the size I needed (24" and 18" x 1" John Guest to 1" F fitting)
  2. LMF
    LMF Terry
    I made an error and used clear PVC cement on the brass fitting for a shower valve. How do I remove it now and use the proper sealant?
  3. TKMO
    TKMO jadnashua
    Jadnashua, I was reading a post of yours regarding a sump pump drain. My neighbor has it along our property line and the drain sits back 20 feet from sidewalk. The problem is when all other sidewalks, including their's and our street's pavement is completely dry, this thing drains for days and days. During winter months it freezes and refreezes and turns into an ice skating rink on my sidewalk, not her's.
  4. Alvind
    Alvind ryzvy
    Hello, I have a similar issue with my Neorest 500. Did you able to resolve not flashing issue?

  5. Ambergold
  6. Dave Z
    Dave Z Terry
    Hi, Terry,

    Thank you! New member here. I have a question to ask for help, but I need to post a pic (don't know how yet). Received a new toto toilet, it seems the bowl outlet is abnormal to me.
    1. Terry
      That's a normal outlet on the bowl. The wax seals goes around that anyway and seals to the flat part of the bowl. It's good. :)
      Apr 6, 2019
  7. Erin Campbell-Doan
    Erin Campbell-Doan
    Water leak from upstairs bathroomFound the leak in bathroom wall.Elbow joint is broken & was placed, originTHROUGH A STUD in the wall.
  8. WX4SNO
    WX4SNO ballvalve
  9. billymukers
    We provide services for your home repair needs.
  10. Barry G. Brandow
    Barry G. Brandow
    Have had a Buderus G-115 and HS 2101 I installed in 1997. What is the "normal" temp spread for DHW in a remote tank?
  11. John Cai
    John Cai ANDREW KUHN
    Hi Andrew, I found your post regarding the 003 error on the Navien unit, just wondering what was the final solution for you, I have the 240 unit and is having the same issue, now it doesn't even work and still getting the 003 error when I reset it. thanks.
  12. Mica Nilson
    Mica Nilson
    Avoid bad contractors.
  13. WorthFlorida
    Broad-Wing Hawk in my backyard.
  14. AJH
    My brother and I are changing out a shower cartridge in an old shower. How do I find the right size or manufacture to replace it?
  15. Wendell G Boyd
    Wendell G Boyd
    What is the max length of abs 3" that can be on a 45 offset.
  16. kevin singer
    kevin singer
    submersible well 300 feet bladder pressure tank replaced switch gauge and tank. pressure switch clicks but will not build up pressure
  17. ScoopKona
    Working on the farm...
  18. Randy Sellers
    Randy Sellers
    Everyone at Terrylove Forum has been extremely informative, professional.
  19. Randy Sellers
    Randy Sellers
    Everyone at Terrylove Forum
  20. davidplumber
    Hello plumbers from NY!