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  1. SteveInMich
    I am just a guy trying to make sure that he reduces his home projects list to zero sometime before he dies.
  2. Randy Sellers
    Randy Sellers
    Btw. This Forum is in my opinion the most informative. Can I purchase supplies here as well.
  3. Joey66
    The problem is the water is to soft. Slick and soapy shower is difficult to rinse off. Wanted to blend in some of the neutralized water.
  4. Joey66
    then came a cross the Clack external mixing valves. Very surprised the Clack WS1 Matrix II doesn't seem to have one.
  5. Joey66
    a Clack WS1 Matrix ii Water Softener. Been trying to find where there is an internal mixing valve on the water softener.
  6. Joey66
    Terry, glad to have someone like you to answer questions regarding water softeners. Have Clack WS1, 1.5 Neutralizer. And
  7. Ian Beert
    Ian Beert ironspider
    Hey, stumbled across your fireplace post. I am in a similar position. What did you learn about structural support, etc and what did you end up doing to finish the project?
  8. Plumbing Craftsman
    Plumbing Craftsman
    Anyone have any suggestions on water purifiers that attach to the kitchen faucet opposed to under cabinet?
    Plumber from NZ, ask me anything!
  10. Bill Lam
    Bill Lam hj
    I have a leaky Pegasus shower faucet installed in 2007 similar to the one posted from someone from Texas and my local plumber prefer to replace the whole system indicating no Pegasus cartridge in the market available now. There is a number sticker on the back of the cover plate 12101. I do have a picture of the cartridge with the cover plate removed but I don't know how to insert it in this forum.
  11. Ted T
    Ted T ditttohead
    Hi ditttohead - I'm planning to install a water softening and filtering system in my house but am choking on the prices being quoted by the few non-big box store dealers here in Hawaii. Best quote so far is $4K for a Fleck 5600 SXT and 1.5 cuft backwash carbon filter. That doesn't include install. Can you recommend a source on Oahu, or a reputable online source? I have a plumber to do the install. Thanks much!
  12. C Wolford
    C Wolford hj
    missed the part where name was display name, I cant change it, on the sign up page after going back it says it a done deal. I Know some times this can be changed by admins, any way to change to or make it anything but my full name? :) sorry.
  13. DVance
    Kohler P3400 Toilet Black since new in 1974 used regularly. A little problem lately but loosend and retightened where I could.
  14. GPFS
    Anything related to Plumbing supply, and fire protection supply. Feel free to ask.
    1. Smiley37984
      i have a leaky faucet of course trying to save money and do it myself...i removed the handles and took the stems out I was going to replace both however, I have no idea what make, model or anything my sink is....i just bought this mobile home and can't find what it is anywhere! Any suggestions on white to find it?? I've looked up and down on the spout, under the sink, on the back of the bottom etc
      Jan 18, 2019
  15. Mickus57
  16. Richie Rich
    Richie Rich
    Water Treatment Professional, Chemical Engineer
  17. duomit
  18. duomit
    Epoxy Flooring, Polished Concrete, Concrete Sealing, Self-leveling, Metallic Epoxy Contractor, Waterproofing Installer
    1. duomit
  19. Kolbi Schanzenbach
    Kolbi Schanzenbach
    I have now water pressure in my shower, however there is water pressure in both sinks. I have no idea what to do.
  20. Respirator Shop
    Respirator Shop
    Respirator Shop is the one-stop-shop for all your protective masks and equipment needs.