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  1. Ryan pipe repair&coupling
    Ryan pipe repair&coupling
    Dalian Zhuhong Mechanical Co.Ltd .leading the way of pipe repair&coupling stainless steel Ductile iron in China. web for more info
  2. Ryan pipe repair&coupling
    Ryan pipe repair&coupling
  3. Dennis Sauter
  4. drsmagic
    drsmagic ditttohead
    I am looking for a referral if that is possible of a plumber who can install the fleck system. A PM will work if that is the way to do it.
    I live in Lake Forest, Orange County, CA
  5. drsmagic
    drsmagic ditttohead
    Hardness of water is 17, Iron is minimum as water comes from colorado river. I live in Lake forest, CA.
  6. drsmagic
    drsmagic ditttohead
    I am looking to install a softener using a plumber. Cannot decide between a GE or a Fleck 5600 or 5810 system. 2 persons in 4 bedroom 4 bath house,2500 sqft. No yard
  7. breplum
    After over 43 years, transitioning to semi/mostly retired.
    I have a Viega manabloc water system and the hot water seems to run out quick what is my problem
  10. Mark Peters
    Mark Peters Smooky
    Thank you for your excellent explanation of what those darned slots in freeways accomplish. I'm a civil engineering (retired) but I've never done any highway work and I've wondered about that for years. You explanation was very through and I appreciate the effort.
  11. South Park
    South Park
    Plumber at large.
  12. JetBack
    I'm looking into buying a pump hoist for water wells. I'll be doing 200'-260' of 4" Steel pipe. What's the best size hoist to go with?
  13. Mike Provence
    Mike Provence
    Saving the world through quality plumbing
  14. Jay5000
    Jay5000 Terry
    I have an old leaky hose bib embossed with a logo of a "T". I can not figure out to remove the stem valve to replace the gasket. I can not find the brand name that uses a T logo. I have reviewed many youtube and other instructions.
    I removed the packing nut and tried to unscrew, pullout, etc the stem assembly with not luck.
  15. johnb01
    Ugh, I just realized that the username "John B 01" can also read like "john boi". I'm so ashamed.
  16. Jerry A
    Jerry A
    Trying to find replacement faucet A907712 S -1A their is strange symbol before the s.
  17. johnterry
    Tank vs tankless
  18. Michael Young
    Michael Young Terry
    Terry, the landscape has changed for us old timers. Any chance you could create a back-links area where your business owners can post their information so we can trade back-links with each other.
  19. Randy Raudenbush
    Randy Raudenbush
    Licensed plumbing contractor in North Carolina p1 lic# 32572
  20. Didier
    I am installing new plumbing vents through the house, does it need to go through the roof or is top of gable ok? if ok what diameter?