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  1. C lady
    C lady
    Thank you so much for this site. Need a replacement toilet for a 13 inch rough in. Posted a message, but only see under My post. C Lady
  2. Gairuntee
    Busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.
  3. Et25
    Well pump wont bring up water after sitting for a couple of hours, i then have to reprime. But when i use it after that it works fine.
  4. Anthony Bruni
    Anthony Bruni hj
    Need help...I have a mobile home and there is no water in any faucets...The bladder tank is empty???
  5. CarlaSim
    CarlaSim CountryBumkin
    You are a God sent kind person. Thank you for being such a great person. You helped me a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Herb M.
    Herb M.
    I have several Plumbing Questions. I have photos that I would like to include. Can you provide me with the How too's of the process?
  7. Jin Linh
  8. Gar
    Is there a way to Identify 10% cation from 8% when you receive a softener to be sure you're getting what you paid extra for?
  9. Zedmonton
    Newbie here. I went to replace my kitchen faucet. How do I post a pic and question
  10. VASSEY P
    take this very easy and do not rush life. ...........................................................................
  11. VASSEY P
    Do not rush life . Take things cool
  12. VASSEY P
    VASSEY P jadnashua
    I am glad to be here
  13. Liesel Polizzi
    Liesel Polizzi
    11 years later, and this thread is still going! I'm a psychologist and people often search for my name and this turns up!What an icebreaker!
  14. Jon Scott
    Jon Scott
    14" rough in toilet round that depth from wall is less than 28 1/2 inches from wall installed. Looking for recommendations.
  15. Szahn
    Is it ok to install new tub with cracked lip that will be out of site after tile? The tub is steel/porcelain. TIA
  16. Nick Malshuk
    Nick Malshuk
    I need to know what two color control wires and where they plug in on outside ac unit
  17. Judd Maltin
  18. Davo3
    Have a plastic vent pipe connected to a cast iron pipe through the roof. Getting condensation and causing ceiling damage. Any solutions?
  19. CdnMaple
    Retired and loving it
  20. Bob harvey
    Bob harvey
    How to know if delta lavatory faucet is pre 1972. It has a 1962 patent pending marking. Other than that, no other markings except Delta.