why the hell won't this work?

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  1. livingaboard

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    I ordered 4 new Moen bathroom faucets from ****. Yes it was a mistake. My new faucets have 16 inch soft copper feeder lines with no fittings. They are exactly 3/8th outer diameter. If my life depended on it I could not connect these damn things to my standard 1/2 braided metal hoses under my sink.

    I have gone to Lowes and Home Depot and tried their compression fittings and the compression nut will oval from over tightening before the collar will compress to seal the joint. The compression collar is several thousandths bigger than the tubing. The compression fittings do not seal for whatever reason. I have also tried to get the parts to solder on a damn connector and cannot find those either. I am fed up and ready to pull my friggen hair out over this absurd situation. I am also ready to eat the few hundred dollars I paid for these faucets and scrap them.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. kordts

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    Usually those supply tubes connect right to the supply stops. You can also use "Delta tubes" or delta flexis" They are 3/8" compression male by 3/8" compression female.
  3. livingaboard

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    uh oh..

    thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have cut two of them down already so there is no way they will reach. I can't believe how difficult this has turned out.
  4. norcal1

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    Try a plumbing specialty store...bring in one of the faucets.

    Good luck.
  5. Terry

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    The 3/8" compression sleeves should work fine.

    You should be able to pick up a 3/8" compression by 1/2" MIP brass fitting which will bridge between the soft copper and the flex connector.

    Or you could get 3/8 x 3/8 compression couplings and use a bit more soft copper to join.

    No tape on the theads. Tape can get in the way and cause leaks.
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