What kind of faucet/vanity can I possibly install here? w photos

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  1. SnappleG

    SnappleG New Member

    Hello everybody!

    Can somebody please help me to figure out what I can install in this powder room? Thank you

    We have an unfinished powder room in our house, and one of the plumbers who came to fix a couple of leaking faucets told me that we cannot just buy any faucet & vanity, because these pipes were installed for a specific set up. There is no way for me to contact those people who installed it & I would like to find out if there is any way for me to buy some faucet + vanity, which can be installed here or the plumber was right.

    I measured the dimensions & I looked at the pipe's cap, which states "Canplas" made in Canada (this is the web site of that company)

    If I mark upper narrow pipes 1,2,3 and the lower pipe, which I assume is a drain pipe will be #4, these are the dimensions:

    #1, #3 from the wall till the tip = 4-1/8
    #2 from the wall till the tip = 2 -1/4
    #4 from the wall till the tip =7-1/8
    the distance between #1 & 3= 8-1/8
    the distance between #2 & 4= 20

    the distance from #1, #2, #3 to the floor = 37 inches
    from the drain pipe to the floor = 18 inches


    All other bathrooms in our house have a regular system with shut off valves located close to the drain plumbing

    I think they (original owners) wanted to install some kind of 3 hole wall mount faucet... something like this (but 3 hole, instead of 2)

    I see Danze sells many wall mount faucets, but I don't know which one will fit our set up (if any)

    For example, can I buy this one?
    Danze D316440RB Fairmontâ„¢ Two Handle Wall Mount Lavatory Faucet

    • 10" spout.
    • Touch down drain assembly.
    • Combination 1/2 copper sweat/IPS connection.
    • 3 hole wall mount.
  2. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    The drain is a standard 1.5" pipe. You can glue a slip joint adapter on and use a standard p-trap for the drain.

    The faucet stems, you need to determine what handles would fit on those. They could be almost anything.

    If it's older then two years old, then you can forget about the Danze.
  3. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    With that faucet you are limited to sinks without faucet openings or a vessel sink. NOTHING will fit that faucet except the parts made for it by the manufacturer. Even if you found other flanges and handles, the spout connection is unique to the manufacturer and there is little liklihood that anything else will fit.
  4. SnappleG

    SnappleG New Member

    The house was built 5 years ago... no Danze for us

    Wow, what a predicament...

    I naively assumed that there would be some kind of magic adapter, so we could fit all kind of different faucets... We have adapters for almost everything nowadays, why not for faucets?

    It looks like I can use these ugly pipes as toilet paper holders for now :D

    On a serious note, can anyone suggest what would be the easiest way to install any faucet there without smashing the tile? (if it is possible)
    How much a job like that would approximately cost? TY
  5. gpdewitt

    gpdewitt New Member

    Burbank, CA
    Do you have access to the back side of this wall, is it interior? You may be able to change the faucet pipe to fit a different faucet from the back.
    If not, and all else fails, perhaps you could remove a few tiles below the existing faucet pipes and change the configuration from this side. A vanity will cover the missing tiles. If the counter top material is chosen to go with the tile, and a small backsplash of the same material is added, it could cover the holes where the current faucet pipes were before you abandoned them and set up something lower. Standard vanity counter top height is 36".
    Good luck.
  6. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    1. Nice tile job, now if the tile person had only done it correctly and left room around the stems so they could be removed when the faucet needs repairs, (or in this case so they could be removed and the manufacturer identified).

    2. There is no "easy" way because the portion of the faucet inside the wall has to be changed in order to change the faucet.

    3. Once the manufacturer is identified, and we or more likely a local specialty faucet supplier, would have to see the mechanism to do it, then you will know more about what your options are.
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