What is your favorite faucet?

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Tell us what your favorite faucet is

  1. American Standard

  2. Delta

  3. Gerber

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  4. Grohe

  5. Kohler

  6. KWC

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  7. Moen

  8. Price Pfister

  9. Pegasus

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  1. Moen has me on a callback wait... 1.5 hours. :confused:

    I'm thinking 3 people covering 57 states... whaddya think?
  2. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    I dunno Rugged...
    The longest wait I ever had was a we'll call you back in 10 minutes and they did. Maybe Mondays are worse... I'm off on Mondays...

    Did you notice I've dicided to run for our nations highest office?
  3. Kenneigh

    Kenneigh New Member

    Can a non-plumber repair a leaking Delta one-handle kitchen faucet?

    Water just drips, can't turn it off. Unit's about 7 years old.

    ------ Just A Note -----

    Old-timers like me recall the days before washerless faucets, when about all it took to stop drips/leaks was the correct washer and a tool.

    Once the washerless era began, we sensed -- correctly -- that like the newer, "water-saving" tiny toilets, the plumbers' lobbies had got us (the public) again!

    a.) If our older, better toilets needed to be replaced, we HAD to buy the "new" many-flushes-needed toilets.

    b.) There'd be no more faucet repairs without "help" from a $75/hour
    plumber, who might be as honest as your neighborhood lawyer and as competent as Stan Laurel.

    Many folks make jokes about plumbers, but when I encounter a plumber's outrageous bills, I boil. These things are not funny!
  4. SewerRatz

    SewerRatz Illinois Licensed Plumber

    Chicago, IL
    Bet you can hear the plumber laughing all the way to the bank. :p

    To answer your question yes a non-plumber can repair a single handle Delta.

    In all reality I do not think the plumbers wanted these washerless faucets either. I have a large P&M kit on my truck that only gets used now if someone with a home that was built before 1980 and still has original plumbing. Its a $3000.00 kit back in the day paid for itself, but in todays market its just a waste of space. People want the latest and greatest out there, even if it all plastic junk.

    As for the water closets, when the government set the date 90% of the water closet manufactures where not ready. They just made the trap ways smaller to handle the flush thinking all will be good. Boy they found out fast they where wrong. Back then the only water closet that was a damn was the Sterling water closet which was making 1.6 GPF water closets a few years before it was mandatory. Then Kohler got wise and enlarged the trap way on the Welsworth and glazed the trap, It worked like a charm. First time I Installed the new Welsworth I had to double check to see if it stamped for commercial use only, the flush reminded me of the 3.5 GPF water closets. (back then we where allowed to sell 3.5 GPF water closets for commercial use.)
  5. When is the last time you changed a cone washer??????

  6. nhmaster

    nhmaster Master Plumber

    S. Maine
    How come glacier bay wasn't on the list:D

    Since I found theis adjustment tool, my opinion of Moen has changed a bit.:D

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  7. I worked on a Kohler Valvet this week...

    Of course, it lived to its name. It leaked after a full rebuild.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2009
  8. kingsotall

    kingsotall Plunger/TurdPuncher

    Can we get the HD Pegusus listed per AFK¿
  9. AFK

    AFK New Member

    my vote is for pegasus
  10. Cookie

    Cookie .

    Anyone which works and doesn't cost me money. :)
  11. SewerRatz

    SewerRatz Illinois Licensed Plumber

    Chicago, IL
    I like the old Chicago Faucets. Always easy to repair parts for the new faucets works in faucets built in 1918 and 1918 parts will work in the new ones. Well not the new Gerbit ones but the ones that still used the traditional Chicago cartridge/stem.

  12. We get these spirited voices all the time. Shame that a few years from now you'll be tearing it out because parts are not available for your model*

    * Dictates that purchase made of Pegasus brand faucets are warranted for as long as the faucet works properly. Once faucet malfunctions, the warranty and availability of parts are gone.
  13. FloridaOrange

    FloridaOrange Plumbing Designer

    SW Florida
    Single faucet handle I prefer Delta. My kitchen has one of the pull-out handle models, one thing I like is the hard plastic "diverter" button as compared to the rubber covered buttons on other models. My bathroom remodel has Kohler faucet, two handle that looks nice, nothing bad to say about it right now.
  14. mvmone

    mvmone New Member

    this has been a very useful thread. Thanks. I'm just wondering what are the issues with Price-Pfister...other than the huge parts listings that is? Should I avoid them? I'd prefer to spend a little more to have something I won't have to repair in 2-3 years. Also, another post mentioned Danze. What's everyone's thoughts on those? I'm in the middle of looking for fixtures and had chosen Price-Pfister Ashfield for the look, but a plumber friend of mine said they're "crap." So now I'm looking for second opinions and opinions on the Danze. Seems like Delta's the way to go, but would like more input for folks in the know.

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2009

    JMEDGAR New Member

    Chicago Faucets, absolutely

    Best damn faucet ever made. The Quaturn® compression cartridge was a revolution when it was invented 100 year ago, and still is one of the best on the market. Plus, every single Chicago faucet is designed, engineered, cast, machined, polished, plated, assembled, quality controlled, packaged and shipped in the U.S. of A. (except the Geberit faucets from Europe that Geberit is trying to slip past us under the Chicago label -- easy to identify, though.)

    Anybody ever see a defective Chicago Faucet? Anybody?

    JMEDGAR New Member

    How did Pegasus get in this group. It's a store brand from HD. How about a category for "other" [Name]? How about Symmons, Chicago Faucet? Does anyone use Wolverine any more?
  17. cheakamus

    cheakamus New Member

    Seattle, WA
    Anybody have any opinions about Hansgrohe/Axor? I'm having trouble finding something I like, and so far, Hansgrohe seems to be the only manufacturer with a full line that meets my needs: tub filler with diverter for hand-held shower and 9" spout; balanced shower control with diverter for separate hand-held shower; 2 wall-mounted lavatory faucets. They need to be modern/contemporary design.
    Also, what about their universal rough-in box?
  18. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    The HansGrohe is a good brand. And the I-Box lets you rough in and make changes later.
    Some of their product line is made in the US.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2012
  19. lifespeed

    lifespeed Member

    I have liked Toto's quality and thermostatic performance so far, but it will be many years before I can comment on reliability.
  20. DanMcD

    DanMcD New Member

    Dayton, OH
    The survey is pretty old....maybe it is time to update it?
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