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  1. kevin schuhl

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    Hi there, I hope this hasn't been asked too many times. I recently rehabbed a bathroom, including a new shower and the associated plumbing. It is just great. However, the water pressure in my kitchen has dropped significantly, like 70%, since the job was finished. I did not actually need to touch any of the kitchen plumbing during the course of the job, but did have to cut off the water supply from the basement. I believe that the cold water line for shower/ kitchen is shared, while they seem to have separate lines for hot (splits right at the hot water heater). Any thoughts would be great. I am a skilled DIYer, but clearly, not a plumber.

  2. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    Remove the aerator from the faucet and clean it.
  3. jimbo

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    Round up the usual suspects! Remove the aerator from the kitchen faucet. Inspect for debris. Run the faucet with the aerator removed...is it full flow?
  4. hj

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    Turn on the cold side to full flow. Leave it running and then turn on the hot water all the way. If the flow did not change the problem is in the faucet and 95% of the time it is a clogged aerator on the end of the spout.
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