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Discussion in 'Computers and Stuff' started by jimbo, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. jimbo

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    Not paying much attention, I now realized that since January, there has been a recurring $12 monthly charge for a merchant called "shopper discounts". Turns out it is a well known scam. They hook you somehow in an online transaction made with a "partner merchant". I still have not figured out what merchant screwed me. The company is flying under the radar, because once you figure it out, they do make it extremely easy to cancel your " subscription". That was all over with before I was done working up a really good pissed off attitude! In fact, I have since found out that if you press them, they will refund your money.

    Basically, they prey on folks like me who just get an e-bill, and whatever the balance is, I pay it ( on line ). Never pay too much attention to the detail lines.

    VISA will NOT reverse the transactions, because apparently, although deceptive, it is basically legal. Most likely, I either checked a box, or neglected to uncheck a box, on a shopping cart somewhere. I will now be more careful about the merchants I deal with online.

    I will not post any links, because I don't want to inadvertantly post a bad one. But if you google shopper discounts and complaints, you can find out plenty if you are interested.
  2. Thatguy

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    I don't have a credit card, cell phone or ATM card, by choice, because of crooks and liars like these.
    It is very difficult to bring criminal charges against corporations in this country and civil court can only give monetary penalties.

    I hafta' wonder if the Federal Trade Commission is described by this definition
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    I once got a phone bill in for $42.00 for a long distance call i made from Mexico 1 minute long.
    When i made the call the operator asked me what long distance carrier i wanted to use and i said "Doesn't matter" thinking they are all about the same anyway.
    Turns out there is a company called "Doesn't matter" as well as "I don't care" , "Whatever" and so on...

    Some guy thought this up and he can charge whatever he wants becuase you choose to use him. Pretty smart and devious.
  4. maddog

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    My wife fell into this trap as well. At the end of an on-line purchase, there was an offer for a 'free' coupon or discount on her next purchase. In the fine print, I guess it said you agree to subscribe to the 'Complete Savings' program and your credit card will get billed $12 per month. When I spotted the charge, I called them and they were very quick to reverse the charge and cancel the membership. It was like they expected it. Yes, it is a scam and I'm sure many people pay it without knowing it. Be very careful about accepting 'free' coupon/discount offers when purchasing on-line with a credit card.....
  5. Thatguy

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    Twice now I've seen an offer for extended warranties followed by a whole block of fine print.

    The first line of the fine print of the block says
    but it is also in tiny print.

    It goes on to say that once you sign up for it they will tell you what you signed up for.

    Is this country corrupt, or what???
    Why don't they tell me to
    turn over my money,
    'cause I have some
    and they want it?
    And if I refuse they can rob me with a gun, just like self-respecting, non-white-collar, criminals.
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