Money Saving Shower Building Tips: How to save money when building your next shower

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    There are many ways to save money when building your shower and I thought I could group a few of the simple ones here. The first and foremost money saving tips is

    "Don't Get Screwed when buying Screws"

    Many times the box outlets will sell drywall, studs, shingles and the like at very attractive prices. But then they **** You when you buy the screws. Take a look at what the cost of just 100 3" Yellow Zinc Construction Screws cost at Home Depot in Burnaby.


    $9.99 per hundred or roughly one pound

    Home Depot Pricing on 3" Construction Screws:
    Photo Source - Page - Date: Taken two days ago.

    Now Home Depot boxes up these little babies nicely. Counts out 100 pieces for you so it's easy to count later. But if you have no clue what screws cost you might not know that you are paying 1.5 more for the same bundle. Across the street from Home Depot in Burnaby is Dicks Lumber. Both sell screws. I shop most times for basic construction materials at Dicks Lumber because this is the place where "Builders Buy". Dicks lumber tag line is "Where the Builder's Buy" and the price on basics must be why. Dicks Lumber sells 3" Yellow Zinc Construction screws for $3.99 per pound. You can purchase 250 screws for the same price that Home Depot sells 100.

    Some might not be shocked by this but I find most people are in the dark. When I tell people (like home owners I work for) this they seam shocked. Then you can see them coating up in their heads how much money they have wasted putting the shower together, or the basement....

    This picture taken two days back.


    $3.99 per pound (roughly 100 screws 3" per pound): Photo Source - Page
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