Washing Machine Drain?

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  1. Tire Boy

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    I am currently remodeling a 1962 home in SC. The WM drain was a 1 1/2" galvanized standpipe that transitioned to a hose in the crawl space, passed through the brick wall below grade, transitioned to PVC below grade and came to the surface approximately 20' away. This system, not surprisingly, backed up over the years creating multiple problems including termites. I replacing floor joists, floor and plumbing. Because I am unsure of the current configuration of the existing septic system (tank and drain field), I am planning on having a small tank installed just for the WM. I am concerned over the number of bends in the pipe I felt I had to make to meet code and the existing confines of the home's layout. If I leave the drain in this configuration, will it flow properly to the new tank? By the way, nothing has been glued at this point.


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  2. krow

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    As I posted in another thread, the best route from point A to point B , is always in a straight line. But in your case, you are limited in space and you used 1/8 bends and is still to code, except the AVV. We normally like to have the vent to the exterior of the house, usually above the roof line.
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    You should have hammer arestors on that washer box. you could get a box that allows the drain to be on the left most and the 2 valves on the right then you can go straight into the p-trap. That AAV doesn't look like an approved one, Looks like one of the cheap mobile home ones.
  4. Terry

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    The fittings look fine,
    The AAV should be changed to a code approved one, and a grill to allow air to the valve.
    You can't close up the wall over an AAV.
    If you need to add hammer arrestors, you can buy the ones that go on the hoses.
    Most plumbers are installing the boxes with the hammer arrestors as a complete kit.
  5. Tire Boy

    Tire Boy New Member

    Terry, Jim, and Krow,

    Thanks for the help!:D

    I will definitely add the hammer arrestors. The house has a 4:12 hip roof, so there is no working area where the vent would exit. That is why I was using an AVV. However, I will find a code approved one.

    I was planning on just providing a decorative grill over the AVV. I can not say I checked all the plumbing suppliers in my area, but I did not find a box with an offset drain.

    Thanks again!
  6. Mikey

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    Are street bends available in DWV fittings?
  7. jadnashua

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    The pipe probably is, but make sure it is 2". One reason the old 1.5" backed up is most modern WM pump faster than the older ones, and current code requires it to be 2" now.
  8. Tire Boy

    Tire Boy New Member

    Everything on the drain is 2". My concerns over all the turns I had to install stems from the new faster pumps.
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