Walkout Basement Tub/Shower Install

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    I am planning to install a tub and shower combo in our walkout basement bathroom. The room is 5x8 and was roughed in during construction. I have attached a couple of pics showing what I have to work with. I have done plenty of plumbing in the past, but have never dealt with a basement slab.

    From what I can tell so far, it looks like that two inch pipe isn't exactly in the right place. I am assuming that the first thing I will have to do is chisel out some concrete. Before, I start, can anyone give me some guidance on how much I need to bust out of there?

    Suggestions on which tub and/or combo I should look at would be most welcome. This will be a one man job, so anything that would make it easy would help.


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    yea man...you got to start out by knowing what tub/shower your putting in there. because it has critical deminsions
    you dont wanna just bust concrete toi bust concrete...inless your a convict lol
    find out what you want, go to a plumbing supply house and talk to the guy, pick it out. you dont habve to buy right now but you want a "cut sheet" of the rough in requirements. 839778  my 2 cents worth.gif
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    What you may find is that there is a very thin layer of concrete around that drain line. You may be able to easily crack that out around the pipe (if you're lucky). Then, dig out the gravel or sand to expose the p-trap. You may have to cut the p-trap off and install a new one, but if that's the case, by swiveling things some, you can get a lot of latitude on positioning it. You won't know until you try. Some places want anything below the slab to be a minimum of 2", but otherwise, for a tub, you'd normally only need 1.5". You need some room for the drain shoe and overflow connection to the drain from the tub's drain kit.
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    Normally the pipe coming up from the p-trap for a 60x30 tub is at 14-1/2" from the side wall and near the end wall.
    The waste and overflow will connect below the floor level, so concrete will need to come out unless you have a raised tub.
    American Standard makes a Princeton for concrete slabs where you can't penetrate the floors.
    It puts the tub up fairly high though.

    Your tub will come with drain specs.
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    Thanks for the tips, folks. I appreciate it.
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