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  1. Gary Slusser

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    What? You soak your gas tank in gasoline before draining out what you want to use to operate your car! Did you take out of it (the gas tank) the amount of gas you soak it (the gas tank) in? Was the tank full when you took the gas used to soak the tank in out of it? Or, did you use gas from another container? If so, do you mean you don't have a pickup or SUV?

    What do you drain the gas into that you want to use to operate the car? What color is the car? watersolutions kinetico salesman Andy would probably want to know the color. Do you realize that your car's fuel mileage is controlled by your right foot; unless you have to have a hand operated throttle control?

    Sorry, other than that, I'm pretty sure your question can only be interpreted by cartoonyguy Tommy. But then Lligfta or whatever might be able to surmise what you meant to say. Or was it F6Hawk? I think he's the one that surmises. LOL maybe water solutions Kinetico salesman Andy speaks your language. He'd probably want to know the HP and if it is a 4, 6, 8 or 10 cylinder engine too. OH yeah, and if you've recently correctly inflated your tires, or not. Ah yes.... DittoheadAlan... he might launch into the geometry of the steering, of both front wheel and rear wheel drive vehicles and especially truck tractors, and their exhaust systems, and get into the history of all those systems to end up telling you that you'll be satisfied with whatever you chose to do.
  2. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    You don't oversaturate, you regenerate with the lbs of salt your volume of resin requires to regenerate the 15K.

    The salt brine in the salt tank is fully saturated brine and the valve mixing the slow rinse with the brine draw dilutes it to about 8-13% saturated going through the resin bed.

    That would only happen if you exceed the SFR of the volume of resin or, let the unit run low or out of salt or there was a mechanical problem preventing full brining, or there was iron etc. in the water that prevented it from being removed from some of the resin bead sites, and then that depends the amount of iron, H2S etc. in the water, if any.

    The Hach 5B test is very accurate and tests for gpg. A different test kit would be needed to measure hardness in ppm instead of gpm; which would also be very accurate. The accuracy depends on if you use/add any required buffers to the water to be tested.
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    But what we don't know is: Out of the billions of beads of resin, which ones are topped off with sodium each regen, and which ones shed sodium to take on the hard ions? The less salt used per regen, the less sodium per quantity of resin. You have said yourself that in order to get max capacity of the resin, dual regens at max salt are required; this tells me that not 100% of the resin took on sodium in the first regen, necessitating more brine to make sure ALL the resin is "topped off".

    Yes, the water is saturated with salt, making brine. If you introduced enough brine solution to perfectly saturate the resin, all would be great. But in practicality, that is impossible to calculate, so we add MORE brine than is necessary, OVERSATURATING the resin in the hopes of rinsing off those pesky hard ions and filling all those little "holes" with sodium.

    OR if we never filled 100% of the resin with sodium. And it stands to reason that as time goes on, the resin's ability to take on sodium is reduced, even without traces of iron or H2S. So the actual capacity of the softener does indeed decrease, even if we continue to add the same amount of brine.

    I didn't say MORE ACCURATE, I said MORE PRECISE. Because obviously the 5b won't give us indications below 1gpg.
  4. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    You can see high salt efficiency regeneration not working or working any which way you want to. You are sounding and acting like a very anal engineer...
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