Urinal for residential use?

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  1. tuolumne

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    Hello, I'm new here. Current home in CT, new home in VT.

    I have 3 boys (so far); 4 year old twins and a 2 year old. Our current home seems to have a permanent puddle somewhere, rusted radiators etc. They've got a good 20 years before they figure out they need to sit or kneel...so has anyone installed a urinal in a home? We will be building a new home soon and this seems like a profitable idea for the day-use laundry/bath area.

    The height range using this will be a two year old up to myself and everything in between. What models are easier to hit?...those twins aways need to go at the same time. Something on the wall or all the way to the floor? How easy is cleaning? Is sweating always a problem like commercial versions? How much can we plan on spending?

    We're tired of apologizing to the guests..."sorry, we havn't cleaned the toilets since four o'clock."
  2. coz

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    I installed a urinal in a house last year. the plumbing aspect wasnt any more complex than other fixtures.Cost depends on the model which is up to you.They make rustproof baseboard if you are going that route.I sell it to all my customers where heat is near a toilet.
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    An editorial opinion:

    My dad taught us four boys to sit from the very get-go, and we never knew any other way. In fact, I was shocked and told someone else he was likely to get a spanking the first time I ever saw someone standing at a toilet at around age nine or so.

    A urinal might help keep the toilet a bit cleaner, but it will not stop the spray, splatter and stains on the walls and floor. At my house, even visitors are told that out of respect for others, everyone must either sit or step outside!
  4. what about a wet room? It has a floor drain and a slight slope, so everything can be hosed down.

  5. tuolumne

    tuolumne New Member

    OK, we've got parenting advice and and extremist view that the whole bathroom should be a toilet. I agree that boys should be taught to sit...we can continue to work on that in the future, but keeping a home in good order with 5 kids 5 and under involves picking priorities. I do also plan to tile walls up to a chair rail in the new bathrooms to help with the cleaning.

    Does anyone have answers to some of the questions in the OP?
  6. [​IMG]

    As a plumber I installed a urinal in the master bath a few years ago, works fine.


    I would recommend though a type of urinal that covers the entire wall like the picture above so it serves the purpose of height changes throughout their growth.

    The wall hung type would either have to have a step stool placed in front of it to make up for height reasons. My grade school did just that.

    The cost for a urinal is under $200. More and more customers of mine are moving to this idea because of the issues you mentioned.

    I did work for a customer last year replacing a mansfield with a toto drake comfort height and I think the two boys missed more than they hit that old toilet I pulled out.

    Made sure I embarrassed the customer by mentioning this factoid because I certainly didn't buy the excuse it was just cleaned a few days ago. Freaking gross and I charged accordingly.
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  7. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
  8. Dan Pick

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    Residential urinal

    Porcher use to manufacturer a residential urinal that looked like an access panel about 12 inches square, it was hinged at the bottom. You could pull it open and use it then close it back. I saw it advertised in a trade magazine probably 15 years ago. I went searching for one a few years ago and never did find it.

    Good Luck
  9. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    How about using the great outdoors :D , at least during the day if your VT home is out in the country.
  10. tuolumne

    tuolumne New Member

    rugged: too institutional, although the function is unquestionable.

    terry: that looks nice, but the price tag is too high to justify.

    I think I'll take a look at a local supply house and see if anything jumps out in the less than $200 range. We're hoping for something with a little bit softer appearance, although it will be in a pure utilititarian laundry room/bath.

    Is there any special plumbing requirements? I'll have plenty of pressure available a 1/2" supply line. Manual controls are preferred. What about the sweating issue?
  11. jadnashua

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    New England
    Why would a urinal sweat more than a toilet? My guess is that it would be less, not more since there isn't a resovoir of cold water stored in a tank after each flush to cool things off.
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