unremovable bathtub handles

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  1. madameanglaise

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    My bathtub handles appear to be unremovable. It seems that the last house owner glued them on with something. I am not sure what I can use to remove them. I had the bathtub itself refinished and have to be carefull that I don't damage the surface with harsh chemicals. Does anyone have a sugesstion to how I can remove them. they are this shape L and sit flush against a small round back plate.
  2. jimbo

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    A picture would help. Often, if you remove the screw, then a handle puller will do the trick. Glue? Who knows. But if they are just stuck with mineral deposits, try spraying with vinegar, and repeat several times over a day.
  3. madameanglaise

    madameanglaise New Member

    Unfortunately there are no screws. I don't believe it's mineral deposits because all the bathroom fixtures were redone shortly before I moved in but I will see about a handle puller. Thanks
  4. Verdeboy

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    A handle puller requires that there be a screw hole. It needs something to push down against that is NOT the handle in order for the handle to be pulled off. There is most likely a "button" that needs to be pried off to allow you to see the screws. Once you remove the screws, a handle puller can then remove the handles.
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  5. Cass

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    Use a torch and S L O W L Y heat the handle till you can remove it with a leather glove...

    I use 2 small pieces of teflon tape on the spline when replacing the handles so future removal will be a breeze...
  6. hj

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    DO NOTHING until you post some pictures or you may wind up having to replace the entire valve. Or call a plumber to fix the valve before you do irreparable damage.
  7. Redwood

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    I would heed this advice!:eek:
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