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    Hi there - thank you in advance ~
    Should be a fairly easy question - I am installing a new tub spout in a remodeled bath. I had a plumber install a new shower valve - for the tub spout rough in, he just left copper pipe protruding from the wall with no threaded pipe to screw the spout into.

    What do I need to do to get the threaded piece on the copper in order to be able to thread the tub spout on?

    Thanks again!
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    Tub spouts come in two general varieties: press-on, and screw-on. Each of them needs the pipe or fitting to be a fairly specific length beyond the finished wall. When the pipe was installed, the wall probably didn't have the finished surface, so it is risky cutting the pipe off. So, assuming you've got a spout that needs to be screwed on, you'd either attach a threaded coupling onto the stub by solder, or tear into the wall and replace with a drop ear el, then install a brass nipple, or get a push-on spout. If you paid the plumber for a finished install, he should come back to finish up and can do what is necessary. If you paid only for a rough-in and didn't specify the type of spout, he prepped it for a push-on one. Should still work for a screw on one, though. You need to measure carefully as you'll almost certainly have to cut the stub off if you want the length from the wall to be exact once the fitting is soldered on.
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    Besides the screw on and slip on spouts, there is also the Delta diverter spout which has an adapter that either screws onto a pipe nipple or solders to a copper stub out. If you have copper stub and a screwon spout, unless the spout threads are not right at the wall, then the Delta spout might be the preferable option. If the threads are away from the wall, then an adapter soldered on at the appropriate location will solve your problem.
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    I installed one of these for my daughters home and one in Seattle this week.
    By far my favorite tub spout to install.

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    The only one I have used for years. The cheapest way to get them is to buy tub/shower diverters and then remove the spout when you have a shower only installation.
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