Toto Won't Stop Running

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by himark, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. himark

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    I have a two-piece Toto (not sure of the specific model name) with a fill valve set that includes the "ball" that floats up as the water level rises. Ever since the plumber installed it, it doesn't stop running after flushing. I need to pull the lid off and manually "help" the ball get up to a level where the water shuts off. The plumber who did this is not someone I'd recommend or ever use again for a variety of other reasons, so I'd rather tackle the repair on my own. Will the "Korky" Quiet Fill valve work on any Toto model? And, any suggestions on where to find that in the Seattle area? Thank you so much!

    PS: I have three Toto Ultramax's in my other bathrooms, and want to say a sincere thanks to Terry for his recommendations on this site. It sounds a little funny to get excited about a toilet, but these are the best toilets I've ever used.
  2. RioHyde

    RioHyde Plumber

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Is this a new toilet? If it is the water level may just need to be adjusted. You've got the ballcock assembly in this particular model (carusoe maybe?). If I understood your post, the valve isnt shutting off and water is running down the overflow tube. There is a screw on top of the ballcock that can be turned clockwise to make the valve shut off sooner. Adjust the water level to the water level line on the overflow tube. If its an older toilet, you might need to replace the fill valve.
  3. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    If you adjust the ballcock(fill valve) like RioHyde mentioned above, you should be fine.
    If you want to replace with a Korky Quietfill, I've seen them in most of the hardware stores. At least the ones that starts with an L and also the do it best in Snohomish.
  4. himark

    himark New Member

    Thank you!

    Thanks to both of you. You interpreted my question correctly, and I adjusted the screw as directed. This worked perfectly; thanks!
  5. Drivesme

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    Washington state
    Do you ever go the one that starts with an M?? (we live in the same area)
    I love those stores!!
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