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  1. Toto Toilets $$$

    This question is pointed towards Terry.

    Do you think that Toto toilets will reduce in cost in the next five years,

    Do you think they will continue to be sold exclusively by plumbing supply houses, meaning that big box stores will never supply them?
    I direct some of my customers to your website to get the facts about your breakdown of toilets and the reports for them. I don't know what they end up buying all the time since I turn calls down all the time. I would assume Toto has to be the leader, but the cost is more than what people are willing to accept, forcing them to buy a lower priced model. Especially if 3 toilets have to be replaced, figuring the cost of the toilets and the labor to have them installed.
    I love installing the Ultramax and the Toto Drake models. No complaints whatsoever. I am a small time plumber that I don't bother with anything other than cash accounts at supply houses. I make a point to have the customers buy their own items when the price starts to go over $200. Just my way of working the numbers. As far as I know you are the only one who has a good breakdown of the toilets that are used, short of a subscription to Consumer Reports for a monthly fee. I always tell my customers that the Toto Drake will suck the hair off of your arms, and if you hold down the trip lever for a longer flush, keep a eye on the items on the vanity.......they might just disappear..........
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  2. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington

    I don't think that toilets will reduce in five years. I think everything is headed up.

    Toto isn't sold by the big boxes and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
    They are already working three shifts down in Georgia.

    They have been an easy sell for me too. They are an easy install and call backs are rare. Quality controll is good too.

    Parts in the tank are gettable, cost very little and can be replaced without tools.

    I find that my customers don't mind paying in the $223 plus range for something that works well. My biggest seller is in the $400 plus range.

    As far as consumer reports goes, I find the best consumers help with the best report. I want to say a big thanks for all of my customers and for all their feedback.
    Nobody knows better than the homeowners about what is working.
    You can flush as many golf balls and sponges you want to in a warehouse setting,
    but finding out what homeowners like is even better.
    Homeowners want a complete flush the first time, and without a lot of noise and fuss.
    They want something that can be flushed in the dead of night without waking up the neighbors.
    They want something they can repair too.

    I sell and install all brands of toilets, but I also know which ones you like too.
  3. Thanks for the response. I had a feeling they was going to stay in the price line. It kinda seems like a "force of hand" in a way for consumers to spend the money if they want the good flush.
    I am averaging 3 to 4 Toto Drake installs a month now.....feels good knowing that I have no worries about the quality.
  4. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    Like all products, toilets are sold into many different market segments. The DIY homeowner is one segment catered to by the box stores, and it a big market. They will mostly sell toilets at $150 or less. For customers who insist on something better, they will offer the Champion, an Eljer pressure-assist or a Kohler San Raphael.
    Then there is the market segment composed of small hotels/motels and apartment complexes. Also a huge market. This group has on-site maintenance staff ( of marginal talent) and the bottom line is always the bottom line. They want a Mansfield or an Eljer Patriot or A/S Cadet. Flush performance is not of prime interest, only cost.
    Then there are homeowners who call in a professional to do their work, and are willing to pay the cost of professional quality material.
    Finally, there are builders/developers, who fall somewhere inbetween.
  5. I feel relatively certain that Jimbo was referring to the Mansfield Alto and they are what they are -- spec. The Kohler Wellworth, American Standard Cadet and Mansfield Alto, among others in their category, work great as long as you don't use toilet paper! :eek:
  6. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    Welll yes I was not condemning any brand. But Mansfield does make some builder grades. I actually have a
    Mansfield Quantum pressure assist in my house, 12 years old, and we love it.

    My main point is that for some folks price is the single biggest issue.
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  7. sandrose

    sandrose New Member

    compare Ultra-Max to Lloyd and Nexus (all Toto)

    Terry, you do an amazing service with this website, and I certainly want to thank you.

    In reading through a number of very compelling postings during the wee hours, I'm convinced I will buy a Toto. I was pretty taken with your advice about the Ultra-Max. However, I want to get ADA (+/-) height (essential), one-piece (nice-to-have but not essential), and skirted/concealed trapway (nice-to-have but not essential).

    So my question is, is a G-Max is a G-Max is a G-Max? So would the Toto "Lloyd" and the Toto "Nexus" perform just as well as the Ultra-Max?

    Thanks so much for your time.

    TOTO Lloyd with the softclose Maple seat.
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  8. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    Function wise they have been very similar. I would go for looks as long as I'm getting a Toto with 3" flush valve, G-Max and even the lesser Power Gravity in the Toto models.
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