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  1. Maxie

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    We've decided we want to buy the Toto Drake II for our bathroom remodel. The only problem is that we didn't like the toilet seat because it sloped inward so much. We'd prefer a flatter seat. I'm not sure which seat it was, but I would guess it's the one most commonly sold with the Drake if that's how it is being displayed in showrooms. Also, I've seen other people comment on not liking the seat. Can someone recommend either a Toto seat that is flatter, or another brand that would fit the toilet? We really don't care about soft close. Comfort is most important.
  2. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    Three years ago TOTO changed their SS114 to a flater seat.
    If the seat in the showroom was an old model, can't even buy that one anymore.
  3. jadnashua

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    The Toto seats match the curves of the toilet perfectly, and the color match is right on. But, any elongated toilet seat will fit as the bolt holes are standard unless you have a weird toilet. The color may not match perfectly and it may overhang the bowl a little. The only issue I've ever heard anyone have is if the toilet seat is continuous between the mounting holes and is perfectly flat (most aren't). The Toto seats have a short pedestal around the bolt holes to allow for a little curvature of the bowl. Some have it, some don't, but if it does, a flat surface between the bolts on the seat will prevent it from sitting flat to the bowl, and it may not bend.
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