TOTO Soiree lowest flow toilet really works and unifit for 14" rough in is great

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by middle class carol, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. middle class carol

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    Bought a Soiree based on style and forum positive comments. Glad I did, the plumber was amazed that the low flow ( 1.2 something gallons) did the job so well, love the easy cleaning, neutral style, slow close seat and dimensions. Should have checked on the rough in distance before install day. Had to drive in to Chicago (over an hour one way) to pick up a 14" unifit to get a perfect fit with the toilet next to the wall. Soiree comes with a 12". Worth the drive for the perfect close to the wall, space saving fit. Do yourself a favor, measure before you order the toilet and pull up "Installation Innovations with the unifit rough in adapter.
  2. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    We've sold a few hundred of the Soiree and Guinevere, and I think they're great too.
    Though any of the II series from TOTO is similar in performance too. That would be hundreds and hundreds of those.
    I had one installation in Bellevue, where we installed the Soiree as a 10", a 12" and a 14"
    I guess the plumber couldn't make up his mind where he was going to rough in for the toilets. :)


    Here is the 14" Unifit adapter
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  3. wjcandee

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    Welcome to the forum, Carol! Glad you love your Soiree! And your reminder to measure first is well-taken. Fortunately, with the Unifit, one just has to change the adapter and not the whole toilet! :D
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