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    I'm looking to replace a 1994 toilet with terrible bowl wash.

    I just did an ultramax 1.6 in our master bath, but I have two little kids, one of which is a 4 yr old boy. So to help with clean up all around the toilet, we would love to get a skirted model. I know about the Soiree and Guinevere but they are the Universal height, and with my 5'4" wife and kids, the standard 14 5/8" is much better for us. This requirement seems to have eliminated all of the newer models with double cyclone. Too bad, I really wanted that feature.

    I was leaning Carlyle, but our water supply is the standard 5.5" from the toilet centerline and 6.5" high, with the valve protruding 3" from the wall.

    So here are our requirements.
    Shorter standard height
    Something that fits our water supply requirements

    I thought I read somewhere there was a close to the wall angled shut off valve, would that work with the Carlyle? Or would a 10" unifit help?

    Are there any other Totos I'm overlooking?
  2. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    An Aquia II CST416M would work with your shutoff
    Bowl is 15-1/8" high, skirted elongated

    Or use the MS874114SG Carlyle
    Bowl is 15-1/8" high, skirted elongated Sanagloss
    Your options are:

    Solder a 90 el and 2" of copper pipe with shutoff,
    This is what we do most of the time. It takes very little space, and put the heat right on the fitting.

    Use the Dahl valve made for Toto, they are 1-1/4" from the wall. Sometimes you can sink it into the wall some.


    Use the 10" Unifit to move the bowl out 2" more inches.
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  3. engra

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    Terry, you are the man! I love your website, thanks for taking the time to educate the public. It's great that you personally post all the time.

    I thought the Aquias only came in two pieces. Is this particular model a one-piece? I'll go this route if it's a one piece, but I wonder if the flush button on top of the tank will be a problem for my 3 and 4 yr old.

    I'm an engineer, but not skilled enough to try the soldering so close to the wall. Unless the aquia is a one piece, I think I'll go with Dahl valve and 10" unifit to make sure I have enough room. With my boy's aim I may need the couple of extra inches to clean behind the toilet anyway. :)

    On another topic, why is Toto going with the Universal height? I once read the best pooping (very techincal, I know) position is actually squating on the ground. That's how humans were designed. This new height will probably generate a lot more cases of hemorroids!
  4. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    The Aquia is a two piece, I forgot about that requirement.

    If you turn the heat down, it's not so hard when soldering. Just keep your water bottle handy, and wet the drywall first.
    You could even use something like a soldering iron if it could heat the fitting good enough.

    Low bowls for evacuation, yeah I've head of that.
    Many countries have a pan on the ground for squatting.
    In many public restrooms, if you think you are seeing footprints on the seat, you are.
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