Toto Drake - Got the dreaded tank-to-bowl leak

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by qtrmiler347, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. qtrmiler347

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    Cooper City, FL
    I saw a bunch of threads about sanding around the bolt holes in the tank with emory cloth.

    1. What grit/roughness sandpaper is a good number to buy for this?

    2. Also, if I want to re-install with new bolt seals, can I get anything decent from Home Depot or Lowe's?

    3. Recommendations on brand or type of seals if I buy new (mine are only a few weeks old but I'm paranoid).

    4. General rule on how much to tighten the tank without cracking it?
  2. Gary Swart

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    The best product to sand the bolt holes is emery cloth. It is sold in hardware stores in small rolls usually called, "Plumbers Cloth" or similar. If you already have sandpaper, most any common grit will work OK. You don't need new seals. Just follow the installation directions. Tighten the bolt just like it describes on the installation sheet. Alternate from bolt to bolt a little at a time, keeping the space even as you go. Bring the tank down to where it touches the nodules.
  3. qtrmiler347

    qtrmiler347 New Member

    Cooper City, FL
    The instructions are long gone. These toilets were just put in by the bathroom guy we had doing renovations before we moved in. On the tightness, I presume it's not very firm using the position on the wrench that would provide the least leverage?
  4. rjdee

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    I have a Toto Drake - it's been trouble free for many years. Recently, I have noticed the leak coming from the left tank screw (if I were facing the bowl, same side as flush handle).

    It's never leaked before, so I know sanding the tank isn't going to do anything - it has to be degradation of the rubber washer in the tank. Does anyone know the size of the washers (diameter and thickness) so I can get one at Home Depot or Lowe's?

    The leak is very slow, but I want it fixed - I haven't seen anything other than tank sanding as a remedy - that's not going to fix this I am pretty sure.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    Installing the TOTO Drake toilet, instructions by Jamie

    Jamie swears by the large nut fix. He gets a large pair of pliers and tightens the large nut on the bottom of the tank.
    If you want to go all out, you can even remove the flush valve and check the smoothness under the seal that rests inside the tank. Though he gets by with just snugging the large flush valve nut.
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