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  1. MBauman

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    HELP!! I purchased a TOTA Aquia II (CST 416) and can't figure out the installation instructions. The illustration on page 2 of the instructions show a spacing of 8 1/2" between the mounting blocks, while the template indicates that the holes should be drilled at a spacing of 7 7/8" apart. Did I receive the wrong template for this model toilet??

    Thanks for your help,
    Mark B.
  2. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    The instructions are for both the CST414 and the CST416

    Make sure you are on the right page, so to speak.

    Aquia Instructions by Jamie
  3. Firemark

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    Southern NJ
    Use the Template that came with the toilet

    Just so you don't feel bad, I had the same question when I installed 2 of these a couple of months ago.

    It seems TOTO was too lazy to print separate instructions for their radically different models and then did a poor job of writing them.

    You should have a template to lay on the floor over the drain that has markouts for aligning the holes. The first picture on Page 2 of the instructions is for the Aquia I model... for the big ugly plastic trap.

    Ignore this picture and use the Template.

    One last suggestion, if you are drilling into ceramic or concrete be sure to get NEW masonry bits or you'll be drilling for quite a while. It's well worth the $4.
  4. MBauman

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    To Firemark:

    Thanks for your quick response. On page 2 of my instructions (Item #1), my understanding is that there is a 7 1/2" space between the mounting blocks for CST414 (Aquia I) and a 8 1/2" space between the mounting blocks for CST 416 (Aquia II) and CST 464 (Aquia III). All measurements within the rectangular boxes "represent dimensions for mounting blocks for CST 416 and CST 464" according to those instructions.

    I can't figure out why TOTO doesn't have the common sense to issue 3 separate sets of instructions for the 3 different models, instead of trying to superimpose all 3 models on one illustration, as they apparently have done here.

    Thanks for your help...
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