Toilet Drain - Rough-In Distance from Wall

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by jacksmith7, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. jacksmith7

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    I know a toilet should be roughed in 12" from the finished wall to center of the drain pipe. Unfortunately, whoever plumbed our new house cut that distance short with the basement rough-in, and only allowed 11". I don't want to use a 10" rough-in toilet and prefer not to use an offset flange. Do most toilet's really require that 12" from finished wall, or can I squeak by with 11"? Thank you.
  2. hj

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    Yes, some do require less room, but you have to go to a showroom and physically measure the different brands to see if they will fit your space. Normally 11 1/4" is about the shortest dimension for a 12" toilet.
  3. chelsea

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    It is funny, we both posted within minutes of each other, and apparently have the exact same problem. :)
  4. Gary Swart

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    You might want to consider redoing the drain. If this is a new house, you could very well have an issue with the plumber if the building specs were not followed.
  5. Terry

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    A Toto Drake will work at 11", and a few others will too.

    That, or you can 10" model.
  6. kingnus

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    Plumbing toilet:

    I have had three new homes built and the plumber always cuts short the 12 inch dim. for the toilet. Any reason you plumbers couldn't make the 12 ruf in a little strong? Say by a quarter of an inch.
  7. jadnashua

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    Sometimes some of the rough plumbing goes in before the walls are up...some of the blame might be on the framers.
  8. Redwood

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    Or, a floor joist might be just where the toilet flange needs to be. As stated above it's the framers fault!:D

    If you look at the specs for toilets you will see a drawing showing the measurements. These show a distance off the wall the toilet is intended to sit. You can use this distance to shoehorn a 12" rough in toilet into a smaller rough in. As Terry stated the Drake is a good example as it has a 1 1/8" space between it and the wall in a 12" rough. You just need to be carefull because the base on some toilets may be the same or less distance and if baseboard is involved it could conflict.
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