The Pop Tarts band at the Twisted Cork in Bellevue

Discussion in 'Terry's Corner' started by Terry, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Bothell, Washington
    The Pop Tarts band at the Twisted Cork in Bellevue.
    There are a lot of good bands in the Seattle area, and one that I enjoy is the Pop Tarts

    Here is some video that I shot of them.
    Their next show at the Hilton is on November 11th which is a Friday.


    Rene' Benedict


    Drew Locke and Todd Davis


    Erich Benedict
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    Someone here had a great band called Lazy Boy and the Recliners until the Lazy Boy chair folks sent him a cease and desist letter re confusing the public through the use of their name. Damn lawyers. Hopefully the Pop Tarts don't get "toasted" by a similar tactic.

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