the Construction Game. Have you played it?

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  1. Terry

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    The Construction Game lets you buy equipment and really tear into things. Based on "The Farming Game", you get to buy and sell and operate a construction business. You can also get the mobil app. for $1.99


    The board game.


    THE CONSTRUCTION GAME®, gives players a first hand try at making it big in the world of big equipment and big deals. Bid on jobs, buy dozers, backhoes, excavators, and scrapers, then put them to work. Build slowly or borrow your way to the top! There is no free lunch served at the job site. Be the biggest contractor in the valley.
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  2. the only way to win is not to play

    Terry.... that looks like a nasty , cut throat game
    exactly how do you win?? What is the final goal of the game
    is it to rape, pillage and plunder????

    I wonder if there are bonus points in this game when you
    go bankrupt and refuse to pay all your sub contractors.
    and steal all the money from the folks you do work for...???

    I have watched contractors take down payments from folks to
    do kitchen re-models only to see them go bankrupt a week later
    with all the money gone......

    If you cheat everyone in the game out of their money and file bankruptsy
    do you get to take all that money you stole and hid,
    and start over under a new name???

    I have seen the game played that way many, many times....

    I think that the only way to win at this game is not to play

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  3. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    You have some good points. I've played the farming version of the game though, and nobody loses on that one. Everybody picks up more and more land and crops, and the winner is the one that has the most at the end. Whoever is the first to get to a preset figure of assets is the winner. It's not like Monolopy or Risk, where the goal is to crush your opponents.
    It's more like working with other trades that are your friends. When they do well, you do well.
  4. Tom Sawyer

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    If nobody loses what's the point? Half the fun of board games is pissing the loser off so much that they throw the board across the room
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