TERRY...what is going on in WASHINGTON STATE

Discussion in 'Terry's Corner' started by Master Plumber Mark, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. http://www.badplumbers.org/badboyplumbers

    Terry, what is this all about anyway a plumber up in your area
    is putting all these guys on his hit list.....????

    I stumbled onto this site and its all about crooked plumbers
    but they seem to be all located in the Seattle washington area...

    I thought it was odd that no other parts of the country were included
    in this hissing fit......no other plumbers in the USA are even mentioned

    so I am wondering what is going on up in Seattle,
    is it like a boom town , wild west thing??
    everyone claiming to be a plumber and screwing anything
    that walks.??.......

    and how many of these losers do you know of????

    This plumber must be very pissed off up in Seattle
    just to set up a .org web site to get even with a few of these boys
    and its a pretty well done site too...

    so I wonde if this fellow got mad becasue of all the hacks on
    craigs list or he lost out on a big job to some un-liscensed hack

    they say that revenge is a dish best served cold.

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  2. DonL

    DonL Jack of all trades Master of one

    Houston, TX
    That is interesting.

    I wonder if any of them lurk on this forum.
  3. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    In the State of Washington, any advertising, including that on Craig's List would require a contractors license that is registered with the State.
    There are plenty of companies on the web now, that act as local contractors, that get the leads and then try to sell the leads to the local plumbers. It's bad enough trying to make a living without the out of state businesses trying to get that cut from the locals that are "doing" the work. Support local business, and by the way, in the Seattle and Eastside, that would be me.
  4. DonL

    DonL Jack of all trades Master of one

    Houston, TX
    Around here if You can say Plumber in English then You be one.

    I try to buy from Old School Local places here, even tho I may have to pay 50% more.

    The extra cost is worth buying and talking to someone that knows something.

    So far the local Hardware / Feed store have been able to stay in business.

    At least when I go to buy something they know what I am talking about.

    If I needed a Toilet, Terry Love Plumbing® would be my choice. Local place don't have good ones. Screw the BB stores.

    I do like the Humor of the old farts at the local store, because if they don't carry something, they are straight Up, and say You are shit out of luck.

    I don't mind the truth even if it hurts...
  5. Its all become a joke

    its all become a joke anyway....

    the only way to get the word out is to
    start your own web site and plaster their names on it.......

    its really just a matter of enforceing the laws but
    the state and local governments have bigger problems and burdens to deal with and cannot worry about these small local petty laws anymore

    illegals can come across the southern border in droves and
    just plant themselves in any town they want to, collect welfare
    have babies that get social security, get a free education,
    free medical ... that is a huge burden on the whole system.....

    and if they try to enforce the laws like down in arizona,
    President Obama and the feds sue the sheriff and the state
    for racial profileing;);)

    its almost funny if it were not for the
    fact that it is dragging us down
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