Tank is about 2 inches from the wall

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  1. brians34

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    We just bought and installed a Kohler Cimmaron. We replaced an old American Standard that was probably put there when the house was built in the early 60s. Anyway, the tank sits about 2 to 3 inches from the wall and I am bothered that someone might lean back on it and if not break it off, crack the bowl. Do I need to be concerned about this? Should I put a block or something behind it?
  2. Terry

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    Tanks don't normally touch the wall.

    Most toilets are designed to be about 1" from the wall.
    But they could also touch the wall or be 3" or more inches away,
    depending on the "rough-in" of the current drain location

    That measurement is from the wall to the center of the drain.
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  3. maddog

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    I also have a Cimarron installed with a 12" rough-in. And there is about 2 inches between the tank and the wall. I never thought that someone might use it as a recliner. It was actually a positive thing when painting the bathroom. I didn't have to pull the tank as I was able to use a mini-roller to paint behind the tank!

  4. brians34

    brians34 New Member

    You know maddog, someone should come up with a design for a reclining toilet. It's about the only place in my house where I can be alone and relax.:)

    Thanks Terry for answering.
  5. Barney1

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    I have a Cadet3 with a 12†rough in. I too have a 2†gap behind the toilet. I’m thinking about getting a 14†and that should push it back the 2†that I need. What do you think?
  6. jadnashua

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    Measure from the bolts that connect the toilet to the flange straight back to the finished wall (not to the baseboard or trim). This is the magic dimmension. That is what you actual rough-in is. Reading the specs of a toilet will tell you how far the toilet sits from the wall when installed on a standard flange install. The combination of the spec sheet and the actual dimmensions of your particular installation will tell you whether the toilet will fit, and how far away it will end up once installed.
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