Stuck faucet won't swing side to side

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  1. bradc2009

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    Our kitchen sink faucet is a Kohler model that's similar to this one:


    The sprayer at the front is attached to a hose so you can pull it out, and the shaft is supposed to swing from side to side, which is helpful since we have a split sink.

    Over the last week or two, though, the shaft has become harder and harder to swing from side to side. At this point, it's stuck, although with a good amount of force I can move it a little bit.

    We have hard water, so my guess is build-up from that has caused this to happen. I went to Orchard Supply Hardware and the guy working there told me he didn't think it was possible to open up the shaft and clean it out. They had a similar faucet in stock, so he opened the box and showed me that the shaft is a self-contained unit that doesn't come apart.

    His recommendation was to buy and install a new faucet.

    I'm curious if I have any other options, since money is tight right now. The guy I talked to seemed a little tentative and admitted that their plumbing expert wasn't in that day, so I want to make sure my only option is to buy a new faucet before I do so.

  2. Terry

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    I would look underneath to make sure that the supplies aren't catching on anything.
  3. jadnashua

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    IF you have the installation instructions, they often have a parts breakdown, and I'd look at that. Kohler may have an extended warranty, and my send you either the parts to repair it (if possible) or a new one if you call. I'd try that first.
  4. hj

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    I have had that happen with several different brand faucets. My solution has been to contact them and have them replace the faucet. Usually, when it reaches that point, even if the spout was removable, which most are, it is NOT worth the time it would take to do it and make the spout movable again. However, it looks more like a Waterrite faucet from Costco, or a Danze which is the same thing except for the buttons that change the spray patterns.
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  5. bradc2009

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    Thanks for the comments so far, everyone. HJ: That photo was just an example of the style of my faucet - it's not the actual one I own. Mine says Kohler on it.

    The faucet was there when we bought this house 9 years ago, so I don't have a receipt or any other paperwork. If I just contact Kohler, will they replace it, no questions asked? For free?
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