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    Star toilet

    Hello, I am a newbie here so please forgive me if the question is stupid. To make a long story short, a neighbor is a "plumber". I am fixing to have knee replacement sugary plus have a bad back and I was given a ADA bare tank and bowl which my neighbor put in. Don't know the manufacture but it says "Star" just behind the seat.
    2013-03-04 06.30.05.jpg
    Neighbor said it is a "Toto" configuration. I haven't been able to find anything about the "Star" toilet on the internet. Anyway, after he installed it, the tank is "wobbly' and now I am seeing a small leak, which I fear will become larger. The tank does not touch the bowl and from the front the the tank and bowl gasket can be seen while standing. After finally getting on the floor to get a better view, the nuts on the tank bolts above the bowl appear to be causing the gap between the tank and bowl, the tank and bowl are tight against the nuts on the tank bolts between the tank and bowl. I think this is causing the "wobble"
    2013-03-04 06.22.58.jpg
    Do all tanks have nuts on the tank bolts above the bowl? The tank to bowl gasket is a generic Flushmaster from Home Depot so It may not be the correct one.
    Thanks in advance for your help!
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  2. GeorgeCT

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    Is that tank on backwards?
  3. cca50

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    No, the hole for the flush lever is in the front. Thanks for the response!
  4. hj

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    The "ideal" way to install a tank is with nuts on the bottom of the tank, but sometimes there is not enough room for them, (unless the openings in the bowl are large enough for them to recess into i)t, and causes the tank to not be snug to the bowl. BUT, that usually causes the tank to be "tight" and evetnually cracks the toilet. I have never seen a new "tank to bowl gasket" squish out that much, so I wonder if this was a used toilet which was taken out for some reason.
  5. Terry

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    You have a two bolt tank. That doesn't make it "like" a Toto

    There is nothing on the bowl to prevent the tank from rocking on your "STAR" Toilet.

    TOTO would have had a cradle for the tank to set on. They form two ridges on the bowl that the tank is tightened to.
    Your STAR bowl doesn't have those.
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    You might try just replacing the tank gasket with a harder one which should allow you to tighten it down with those nuts there. To keep it from rocking, you may need to come up with something hard, but resilient to use as a stop, maybe some hard rubber blocks. You'd probably want three of them in a triangle, or two strips, front and back. Doesn't look like a great design.

    You could try removing the nuts between the tank and the bowl, and just tighten the whole thing down more until it dosn't leak, but don't go too far, or you could crack the tank.
  7. wptski

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    Too funny! :D
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