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  1. oz19454

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    I have speakerman bathroom faucet. After I changed the stem. It can't close up the gap. I do not want to change the whole thing. Any way to fix that. Thx. See attached pictures.

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    Show it to us with the flange off so we can see what type of connection you have. There are deeper escutcheons available and if they are too deep you can cut the ends of them off.
  3. Terry

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    you may also want to consider getting a remodel plate, and replacing with a new single handle pressure balanced faucet at this time.
    Parts are only going to be harder to get for the old relic.
    A new faucet will give you a nice same rounded handle, temperature balancing while in the shower, a better ability to find a temperature while showering, and you should get years out of it before you would need servicing again.
    I like Moen and Delta for replacement valves in that case, they both have remodel plates for that.
  4. oz19454

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    First, I replaced I use this part to replace the old stem due to hard to turn off. It is my first plumbing job. It worked fine for a few months. My son's friend (teen) came over for spring break. He could not turn off the water. I have my father replaced. He has more expenerince than me. It come out like the above picture. I do not want to have another big projects.

    replacing with a new single handle pressure balanced faucet at this time.-- there would be a hole in the wall. I am wondering whether I can replace those three thing instead of the whole set.

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