Snojoke, or is that Snojokes, Snow Jokes or Snowjokes ski club?

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  1. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    Photo from April of 2009,

    Last year I joined Snojoke, but too late to go up skiing with them.
    I did play softball with some of the guys from there.
    So this Winter, first time up, went to Crystal for some skiing.
    I have just a little time left before I go into surgery, and then I don't know how long the recovery will be.
    The snow was pretty good on the third of January, lift lines were light, and I got quite a few runs in quickly.
    Next time I should call some of the guys I played softball with first.
    This time, first time out, I just wanted to see if the skis remembered what they were supposed to do.
    So Jim, Jim, Glen and Craig, if you see this, give me a call and let me know what days you will be going up this January.

    I did take one run up High Cambell and did the traverse and then down.
    Snow was good there too, and as long as you were pointing them down, it was good. I'm liking the Heads in the soft stuff too.
    They carve well on the hard stuff too.
    Head Chip Super Shape

    Maybe next year I will be doing some of the ski trips they have.
    S'no Joke Ski Club Seattle
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  2. Redwood

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    Good to see your up to testing out the new boards!
  3. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    Sunday the 10th.
    Driving up to Crystal with my son Taylor, and feeling a bit pushed by the cars behind.
    Maybe I shouldn't have been going so fast, the car I had been following pulled over at Green Water and I became the lead car for a while.

    You will want to know, that when I got pulled over, I did not get out of the car.
    I pulled my license from the wallet, and held it outside for the officer.
    He asked me if I knew how fast I was going.

    I didn't know. I don't drive with my eyes pressed against the speedometer, so whatever I said would have only been a guess.
    I do believe I was speeding though.
    It looks like I'm cutting a check for $113.00
    That will help pay for police protection and help when I go up skiing.
    I remember back in Junior High, being in a car that spun out on snow and ice near that very spot, and being helped by the State Patrol.
    I was too young to drive then.
    We got pulled out and still managed to get some skiing in that day at Crystal.
    I had gone up with my bosses family that day, the bicycle shop in Bellevue, Uncle Harold's in Bellevue Square.
    My son Taylor near one of the higher runs at Crystal.

    And getting ready for Lucky Shot.

    That's me at the top, My second time up for the year, so I had to wait some for Taylor.
    That surprised me, I guess he hasn't been keeping in shape enough to keep up with his dad.
    Just found out surgery is scheduled for February 4th.
    Taylor was still one of the fastest skiers that day.
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  4. Cookie

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    Beautiful pictures Terry.
    I will be thinking of you on the 4th, try not to worry.
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  5. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    Sunday January 24, 2010

    I wake up this morning and know I want to go skiing at Crystal. It's snowing in the mountains, lots of powder piling up. It's time to wake my son Taylor up and get going.
    Sounds easy?
    He's seventeen.
    While he's waking up, I get a feeling that I will get hurt today.
    Jeez I hate those feelings. Getting hurt skiing, it never happens.
    But hey, If I'm going to get hurt, lets make it just a little hurt. I've got way too many things down the road to worry about.
    So put that thought out of my mind and get up there.


    Here's my son Taylor and I on the lift, wind in our face with snow blowing. It's going to be a good day skiing.
    Taylor on the right.


    Here is me at the top with both ski poles


    Here is Taylor in front of the Ski Patrol hut.
    Now why is Taylor in front the of the patrol hut, that's kind of spooky.
    Well, it's the end of the day, and we just need to make one more run down the hill to the car.
    The snow has been so nice, and the skis have been sifting through the powder, a great day.

    Well, here is my broken ski pole at the end of the day.
    My last run, half way down I got slammed by a snowboarder that shot out of the trees as I was skiing "tree line". He wasn't even on the hill for me to see.
    One second I was the only one on the hill, and then flash, slam.
    We were down, tangled up, and I looked down and saw my ski pole snapped in half.
    I waited a moment to make sure that both he and I weren't hurt.
    Well, the inside of my knee was sore from taking the hit from his board. And later that night my left shoulder was sore.
    But I think my 38 year old PK pole that had stayed with me for so long had bent and then broken, absorbing most of the hit.
    So Monday, I buy new poles.
    Hurt, but just a little. I should be good again for decades of more skiing now.

    It made dancing Sunday night at the China Harbor a little more work.
    Music was by the Tropics Band
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  6. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington

    This clip is of my son Taylor, the first two scenes, and then I'm in the third scene.
    You can hear Taylor whooping as he lifts off the jump.
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