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    Hi, I need some help regarding bidet attached water closet as my boss required me to handle our clients.what's the difference between siphon jet flushing and normal system? How about the pros and cons. How does the water supply volume and water pressure affects the system? Thanks in advance for those helping me soon.
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    Washdown is water coming from the upper rim of the bowl washing down the bowl.

    A siphon, it a jetted stream of water that enters the bowl low, and starts a siphon that "pulls" the water from the bowl.
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    Siphon jet would be the "norm" today. The other common design is rim flush. It used to be common especially in low boy one piece toilets. All the flush water was directed down from the rim. It cause a whirlpool action which initiated the flush. It was a very gentle and quiet flush, hence its popularity. Not necessarily a great flush, just quiet.
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    There were three main types of toilets; washdown which had the outlet to the front of the bowl and is now obsolete, reverse trap which discharged to the rear of the bowl and flushed by filling the bowl with enough water to start the siphonic action, and siphon jet which was a reverse trap with an "orifice" to direct a stream of water into the outlet opening which initiated the flushing action. OF the three, the siphon jet usually had the most powerful action, which is why power flush toilets use that type of bowl along with a more agressive jet.
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